Leaked Far Cry 2 Opening Sequence Cutscene

Grundy The Man writes, "Thanks to the glory of the internets, Far Cry 2 footage is hitting us early! If you can't wait a few more hours, maybe this gameplay footage can wet your whistle. Turn up your headphones and Check out the video..."

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bgrundman3708d ago

Agreed, now the trick is to decide whether I get this or Fable tonight. It is truely the tough decisions of life...

n4gzz3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

paid off fc2, fable2 and lbp. I am not gonna have to time to play all these 'coz i am planning to get r2, gear2, mirror's edge, nfs undercover and fallout3 for this year. Dang that's too many games. But i don't want to pass on any of these :(..

Edit:Bgrundman, get 'em both. It's worth it and you know it.

bgrundman3708d ago

It can be tough, but it is a challenge that I am happy to take on!

roblef3708d ago

Far Cry 2. Hmmm. Looks cool!

bgrundman3708d ago

Cool indeed, are you planning on picking it up?

killyourfm3708d ago

Man, I just wish they could hire some decent voice actors...

bgrundman3708d ago

That is what happens when you outsource game development!

Uwe_Boll3707d ago

Are you being sarcastic?
Its called being true to the source, it would be stupid if people in the game walked around talking in an American accent even though its in Africa.
Anyway go and see my film of the first Far Cry, it completely rapes the game.

Jimmy the Greek3708d ago

im still on the fence about this game. im sure itll have jaw dropping awesomeness but i havent played far cry before

bgrundman3708d ago

Some of the explosions that I have seen in the trailers has been absolutely amazing. It will be interesting to see what happens when the game engine gets pushed to the limits.

bgrundman3708d ago

What console are you picking this game up for?

greedyraven3708d ago

Neither. I am glad this video got leaked, cause I don't think I will see much else of the game. Fallout 3 wins my $60 this time around. Besides, the commercials make the game look stupid, which is a shame cause I am sure it is great.

bgrundman3708d ago

Is it really necessary to hate on the game before you have even played it? I think it has potential to be GREAT! But we'll have to see.

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