Plot summary of the original 'Fable'

Fable 2 is nearly upon us, making it an opportune time to get up to speed with the plot of its precursor, Peter Molyneux's popular Xbox Action-RPG Fable. Although Fable 2 is set some 500 after the first installment, Lionhead has stated that there are some references to the original game. Who knows? The following tidbits may just enrich your experience of the sequel.

Though this brief summary of the original Fable's plot does contain spoilers, if you're interested in reading a Fable 1 plot summary, chances are you either A) finished the first game several years ago and just want help recalling Fable's main plot points, or B) had no interest in ever playing the original, but would still like to know the back-story of Fable 2 without investing any time or money. Either way, you can't lose with this concise synopsis.

Contains videos of every cutscene included in the main story.

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GREAT game bought it twice...