PS4 Still at the Top of Ubisoft's Sales, Followed by PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft announced its financial result for the past fiscal quarter, and PS4 is still the strongest platform for the publisher, followed by PC, Xbox One, and Switch.

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russo121151d ago

Yep, not even here in the comments session, there is anything to add to the enormous success of PS4.

riibhu151d ago

The fact that xbox came in 3rd place. Usually it would be at 2nd place. No wonder most of today's games are coming only to PS4 and PC(especially japanese games) first then maybe over another year or so comes to xbox(like nier or hellblade).

akaFullMetal151d ago

Nothing surprising, it's what you'd expect.

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showtimefolks151d ago

But cross play anti consumer Sony how could it be? I don't trust ubi I trusted my trusted news articles from troll sites


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The story is too old to be commented.