5 Surprising Things We Learned From Valve's Steam Game Sales Leak

Twinfinite writes "Buried amongst data pertaining to 13,000 games and their player count estimates are some takeaways that give us some interesting insight into game sales via Valve's client. Some of the information is very surprising, indeed."

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FTLmaster121d ago

Interesting read. Surprised Wolfenstein 2 didn’t sell hat well.

LucasRuinedChildhood121d ago

I felt that the original was a tad bit overrated but I'm not sure that that's the reason for the poor performance of the sequel. I think that a lot of people probably just already got their fill with The New Order and The Old Blood might have been overkill in retrospect.

kevnb120d ago

it came out against strong competition and for some reason killing nazis has become controversial in games. A later release date, better timing and better marketing would have helped. Also bethesda keeps discounting their games to almost nothing mere months after release, consumers are catching on.