Stealth hit Splinter Cell: Conviction finally goes free on Xbox One and Xbox 360 via Games With Gold

James writes: "We’re halfway through the month, which means another game is set to be stripped of its price tag courtesy of the Games With Gold scheme, and whilst this one has seemingly taken a age to be put free, Sam Fisher’s stealthy exploits in Splinter Cell: Conviction are now available at no extra cost to Xbox Live Gold members. FINALLY!"

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Manhunt12329d ago

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is the best in the series!

cj1pate10129d ago

wanna play versus on pc ? the community is still active?

Epic_Troy29d ago

At one point it was but blacklist is much better

BigTrain29d ago

Not without the voice of Michael Ironside. Wasn't that the one where he's missing?

AK9129d ago

Still waiting for Blacklist for BC compatability.

stefan_77129d ago

Shame this never came to Playstation. Wouldn't mind a remaster if it came to PS4