The Coolest Content Cut From GTA 5

GTA BOOM writes "Like any game, Grand Theft Auto 5 went through many iterations during development, and in spite of the impressive size and breadth of content the game sports, some ideas ended up on the cutting room floor."

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-Foxtrot123d ago

It's sad when most of this ends up "...later added to GTA Online"

So they couldn't be arsed to add it to the single player? I mean they are half way their basically.

Prettygoodgamer122d ago

I hate the fact they put all effort into the online, which i have maybe spent 20 minutes in all up, compared to hours and hours in single player.

andibandit122d ago

I think alot of the income comes from the Online part, so I find it understandable.

chris235122d ago

gta5 was such a disappointment. couldn‘t even be bothered to play through the campaign. but the kids of today seem to dig it *shrugs*

FlameWater122d ago

Care to explain how one of the most sophisticated games ever created doesn't entertain you?

4U2NV122d ago

My explaniation is that the story is ok but the end game is shocking. People who do not play/interested in online or simply can not access online have been left well and truly screwed with a boring game thats offers nothing at all to do when its completed. You buy properties and cant even enter them and that is it. The fact that online has been updated so much is even more a disgrace because they have blocked the assets for single player to be use solely for online. I wont be buying red dead just because of rockstars shady tactics recently.

Mr_cheese122d ago

I really struggle with the online for GTA, it's the constant loading to access different modes, leaving a mode etc.

If the online was more fluent without these loads, I'd play a lot more

RosweeSon122d ago

I hear you but majority of online games
Have this specially ones that were released 4/5 years ago, sure GTA6 will fix most of that but it’s hard to not have loading screens when your playing across entire populated islands

Mr_cheese122d ago

Loading screens I get but it's the sheer volume of loading screens you have to jump through to get in and out of a mode. That's not even counting when it a game mode fails and you're booted out.

I'd love to see this worked on and improved to either best faster or have a better loading screen i.e EA sports loading

RosweeSon122d ago

Ea sports games load fast because there’s nothing to load a few players a football and a stadium it’s hardly a massive sprawling open world but yeah faster loading times always a winner.