Resident Evil 2 Interview: Narrative Changes, Puzzle Tweaks, Camera Angle, Graphics And More

After a really long wait, Resident Evil 2 returns. But don’t call it a remake, but rather it feels like a mix of remake and reimagination. Gamingbolt had a chance to ask some nagging questions about the game to Mike Lunn, Brand Manager for Capcom, at this year’s E3.

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strayanalog125d ago

There's still time to mess this up, but the deeper narrative experience you guys are aiming for may be cool, especially for the fans of the original.
With that "deeper narrative" in mind, I admit I can't escape the notion that this game is a part of an unannounced reboot plan, a soft rewrite of the series to somehow better tie-in the franchise’s new direction with Resident Evil 7 and possibly fix a few mistakes the series houses. Guess we'll see.‎

Anyway, if REbirth 2 is a success, and it's probably as sure as death and taxes, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis better be next.‎ And now that I think about it, you guys will probably recast Jill - Julia Voth‎ - ‎which isn't cool.

strayanalog120d ago

Only dislikes with no debatable opinion? On the internet?!