Far Cry 5: Lost on Mars DLC Review | PowerPyx

PowerPyx writes: "Lost on Mars plays like a completely new, fleshed-out game and has a surprising amount of content for a DLC. A funny yet predictable odyssey to the red planet."

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Gwiz126d ago

Compare the first 2 DLC's to Far Cry 3's Blood Dragon,is this progress in getting bang for your buck or an unavoidable downgrade?At least they tried with Far Cry 5 that's true,yet feels like holding back in delivering a great experience.

bloop126d ago

FC5 was a disappointment. Not to say it was a bad game, but the series seems to be getting worse with each release and I practically had to force myself to finish it towards the end. The story started off great but got stale very fast, friendly NPC's were ridiculously overpowered, very little to no gameplay based physics and enemy A.I. was terrible. I think it's time Ubi leave it on the shelf for a few years and come back with a fresh approach.

Gwiz125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

yup... I started to play the first F.E.A.R again.
Imagine the adjustment I had to make lol