(Text Description) Alan Wake New Trailer Sighting

Jorno writes,

"The Finnish pre-screening of the new Max Payne movie was held in Helsinki last week. As we reported earlier, a rumor indicated that it was supposed to have a new trailer of Remedy's upcoming Alan Wake attached to it - and the rumors turned out to be true!

Unsurprisingly the trailer was quite impressive. There were some bits that betrayed the fact that this is all in-engine and not pre-rendered, but it was very much a cinematic trailer about the storyline and in that regard the new trailer is as mysterious as ever, teasing but not really revealing... Visually the trailer included some technological improvements over the screenshots that have been available on the official site for a while."

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AngryHippo3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

....really want to see this trailer and hear more on this game. Fingers crossed for more info really soon.