Hidetaka Suehiro, a.k.a. Swery, didn't like Detroit: Become Human

Hidetaka Suehiro, the creator of ggames like Deadly Premonition and D4, recently shared his opinion of Detroit: Become Human on Twitter....and it wasn't positive.

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naruga28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

i fully agree with Hidetaka ....David Cage is known for his lame"NOt games" games...trying to simplify to child level the mechanics/controls and make an interactive movie is NOT a game (too bad that Sony gives him so much attention and buys his garbages as exclusives) ...Hidetaka from the other as classical Japanese dev who areknown for perfect and generally polished mehanics in real games, hates the thing as i do

PhantomS4228d ago

Deadly Premonition was very far from perfect or polished...loved the game but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

ClayRules201228d ago (Edited 28d ago )

That’s fine that you agree with him. But millions of other gamers disagree with you both. The games Quantic Dream aren’t for everyone. However, they’re still “Games”

To think they’re anything less, because they might not allow you the same level of control over playing as say Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4 (which I love) is just silly. While their are quick time events for fights & many other things, you still move your character around with the joystick as you do with all other games. Interactive games are more limiting, in terms of typical gameplay mechanics, but you still hit buttons to perform actions at times, here and there.

I’m thankful Sony supports David Cage/Quantic Dream. Not everyone wants to play shooters, racing games, sports games etc... Sony allows so much variety with their library of games. No reason why these games, that are interactive shouldn’t be included.

We as gamers all have different tastes in games, and as long as we can respectfully agree to disagree without tearing into each other with vulgar/disgusting hate, it’s all good.

OB1Biker28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I think he was being ironic because he admitted he played poorly. Funny thing is people like you take it seriously to express personal hate about one man (DCage)

naruga28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

@ above i dont like Cage because games are bought with money ...duh...and i dont have money to buy crap things like his so called games or a console (PS4 ) that hypothetically supports a lot of these "NO games" (ok PS4 is not such a console but i said hypothetically)..

.i would prefer Sony instead of announcing Detroit to have announced an exlusive 3RD party from japan with no big names in it and less production budget.....You can answer me that " you dont have to buy these QTE wannabe games , that s why there are reviews and media, is not 90 s anymore " but i comment to what would be a better gaming strategy for a company that i support (Sony) ....i like what Nintnedo does (with games only) ..there is no such lame things as QTE games on Switch , almost every single game on it has true gameplay with challenge and can spend some fun time , instead of "press-a-button-now-you retard to-see-my idiotic cg movie" .......

Tapani28d ago

I think Quantic Dreams Games, particularly the ones with multiple endings and outcomes, are more games than say, Dragon’s Lair or Space Ace.

ameliabaz28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

There's no way anyone can call Deadly Preminition more polished than Detroit: Become Human.

I love both games but god the hate for David Cage's games are insane. Calling his games garbage or unpolished is a flat out lie.

Harkins172128d ago

Because they still sell decently well.

CrimsonWing6927d ago

Dude... you do realize Swery made a similar "not game" game (so stupid people can't realize a genre of game such as interactive stories, but whatevs) called D4, right? Also, for the record Detroit: Become Human is a game, i don't know what you're smoking but that's a fact!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

There's a few problems with your opinion Naruga, DBH is incredibly polished, the acting is top notch, and the story was compelling and engaging. DBH isn't supposed to be a typical game, it was designed to be interactive. If you don't those types of games, that's your choice. I bet you haven't even played it have you?

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lociefer28d ago

It's not mandatory that we all like the same games btw

awdevoftw28d ago

Some people like these games and some dont. Apparently, swery does not. But, to be fair, if he had a good playthrough, would his opinion be changed?

ClayRules201228d ago

Hmmm, I wonder that too about swery.

I have the unfortunate luck of bringing upon death to the characters in QD’s games. Heavy Rain & Detroit were both emotional rollercoasters for me, and I had horrible endings on my first go with both games (and my 2nd playthrough of Detroit wasn’t any better, in terms of the end result) but I wouldn’t change that for anything. The journey of telling their stories were so much fun & engaging.

ameliabaz28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

I wonder that too. I remember seeing a negative review from a no-name website that complained the story was short...even though he killed Kara off early so he missed out on a third of the story!

So many people just seemed unhappy with how their game went so they blame it on Quantic Dream. Hell there are even people in that Twitter thread complaining that David Cage doesn't create happy endings, even though Detroit has multiple happy endings to choose from.

Fist4achin28d ago

Geeze, not everything needs a happy ending. Or on another play through, try radically changing your decisions made previously. Sometimes it is good to change sh*t up.

Pozzle27d ago

Fist4achin: Exactly! I got a pretty sad ending on my first playthrough (Kara and Alice were the only survivors iirc), and I still loved every minute of it. Those scenes where you know one wrong move can end in the death of a character were great BECAUSE of how final your decisions are. Too many people seem to be complaining that the game is 'flawed' because it's too easy to make a 'mistake' that pisses off the wrong person or gets you killed. But I liked it because it's realistic. If you had a gun to your head and you had to talk down the person holding the gun, you're not immediately going to know what to say to make the 'right' choice. I've seen people complaining that it's too easy to piss Hank off even if you're always nice to him. But that's the point! A cynical person like Hank doesn't want to be around polite, chipper people all the time. That would piss anyone off, let alone a gruff and depressed alcoholic.

robleroy28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

He stated that he hates multi story QTE games. So why does he play the game?.......
This game is indeed not for the button mash hungry crowd or the gamecontroller talent loving crowd. You don't need to develop certain gamecontroller skills during the game. And the puzzle level is very low.
This is a game for the GPU graphics ,music and story loving crowd.

The game drives on letting you see what game graphics the console is capable of producing but also has an impeccable story, music, sound and character development core.
As for QTE , the scenes are NOT QTE. QTE is pre rendered or captured video. All the scenes are mostly generated/calculated live.

Yes this game feels like a great not anime movie remastered to run on a gameconsole as a game on graphics and interactivity level. So like a real life movie video was replaced/remastered with gameconsole GPU rendered graphics and interactivity added through the gamecontroller.
Yes a movie is cheaper, but also shorter. 90 to 120 minutes as for this games genarally serves you 600 enjoying hours, so expensive it certainly is not.

The game is worth each penny. I loved the game and I think its good that SONY invests in these kind of games. Not only to sell the console power capabilities, but also to deliver a broad base concerning the type of games.

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