OXM UK: Afro Samurai Preview

OXM UK writes: "Some games take a while to warm up. You need to get used to the controls, get the laborious training levels out of the way and work your way towards the cool set-pieces.

Not so with Afro Samurai. Within seconds of starting, it's hit you with a potent cocktail of bodies being carved in half, RZA beats and Samuel L Jackson swearing at you from a distant tree. Oh, and he plays a character called Ninja Ninja.

This won't be news to those who have followed Afro Samurai's rise as the offbeat anime has become a firm cult favourite. Even to those who have, seeing the anime translate so well to videogame will be a treat for fans."

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Imallvol73709d ago

I hope its good. I really like the art style.