SCEE Mess Up Resistance 2 Beta in the UK - Old Private Beta Used

Today people in the UK who preordered Resistance 2 via were supposed to receive their beta codes, well they got their codes (myself included) and me and many others headed off to download their Resistance 2 beta.

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elshimiablo3379d ago

as long as the final version is good

Lolliflop Lolliflop 3379d ago

Jstevenson is on N4G,so if you're reading this,don't worry about this Beta hiccup;It's mostly Xturds that are complaining

Imallvol73379d ago

SCEE Continues to Drop the Ball . . .

NBA09TheInsideFlop3379d ago

doesnt matter what version you send them its still just a mediocre flop like me and most ps3 titles.