PS3 Gets DivX Video On Demand… From Where? puzzles over the latest upgrade for the PS3...

From the article: "If you're a PS3 owner, you've undoubtedly downloaded the 2.50 firmware update that was released last week and you've probably at least checked out what the major changes were from previous updates. One of the things updated (but not really promoted) is support for DivX Video On Demand.

You see, the PS3 is a DivX Connected device. That means that you can purchase, or rent video content that is protected with DivX's own DRM (digital rights management) scheme. While at first glance this might seem to be somewhat bad (another way for us to get charged for content,) after more thought you might realize that this could actually be a positive thing. Let me explain why…"

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KYU21303708d ago

stupid code they gave us.. i went to the website and got confused even more..

PirateThom3708d ago

This link is better.

Basically, you download DivX player and it allows you to reguster and input the code and then gives you a video for your PS3 to confirm it's working.

Ps3Fanboy7773707d ago

Works out really well and i think the Ps3 upscales them as well due to them being shown in 1080.

Pretty nifty feature.

Then you can also copy them to the hard drive if you wish...

OOG3707d ago

yeah I do the same with my 360 and ps3

Blademask3707d ago

you cant copy movies to the 360's internal hdd.

rothbart3707d ago

What you're doing isn't at all related to the DivX Video On Demand functionality though, that's simply playing back DivX/Xvid files on a DivX Certified device. The "Video On Demand" part is new to Firmware 2.50 and is for playing back DRM'd DivX files that you can presumably (eventually) buy/rent from somewhere.

Uwe_Boll3707d ago

Yes Alone in the dark will be unscaled, everyone has got to see it. The best movie ever! So go get it from DivX

NBA09TheInsideFlop3707d ago

what a flop. when you click on it under the xmb you have to go to a website that needs all your personal information and your personal pin so they can track you like an animal because sony gives you psn for free. sell your soul for some flop games on the flop psn network. no thank you!

rothbart3707d ago

You realize that DivX Video On Demand is part of a system where you buy/rent DivX content. Of course it has to be tied to an account of yours. Yeah, I think it's a bit weird that you can't do all of it directly from the PS3, but WTF with the "flop" usage... you seem to use that word like kids used "Smurf" back in the days...

I've got no problem with the possibility of a 2nd avenue for buying video content (allowing price competition) and such, it's just silly that there seems to be no SOURCE for said video content...

MAiKU3707d ago

Well if you're gonna buy something or use a prescription serivice you better give your information to prove that it is you. It's called the law, and it's not like it's asking you for your SSN or anything. Just a billing address, card number, and probably other information regarding your age and the like. It's called the LAW.

IF you don't like it you can just freely let people take your identity then.

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The story is too old to be commented.