Spider-Man Primes Sony For An Explosive Season This Holiday

With the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man at their side, Sony is primed for victory and success this Holiday season.

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FallenAngel1984127d ago

“Speaking of pricing, though, that’s another weapon up Sony’s arsenal- they can drop the price, at least of the PS4 Slim, if not also the PS4 Pro, and see more units move that way.”

It would be interesting if Sony permanently drops the price

Thatguy-310127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

I strongly believe they will at the end of the year. They sold like hotcakes last yr for their 1-week price drop I just can't imagine how they'll keep up with stock if it's a permanent 200$

badz149126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

the thing is, people always say that Sony has the price advantage and that's why they are selling so well especially during the last holiday season when the PS4 was temporarily $199. people tend to forget that the Xbone S when for $179 during the same period and still got demolished! it's definitely THE console to have this gen and people know it!

Spiderman will strengthen the appeal for the PS4 this holiday season and with exclusive marketing deals with the biggest 3rd party releases, we can expect another PS4 onslaught!

but it will be good news for those wanting to buy the Xbone too because in order to catch up, the S will go for much cheaper with their usual aggressive 3 free games promotion too at least in the US where it matters most for MS! win-win for consumers

Eonjay127d ago

On thing I have picked up on following Sony's own internal predictions this gen. They are very good at saying how much they will sell. They are almost scary good. They said 'Spiderman will help us reach 100 million'.

They have already telegraphed their plans.

Thatguy-310127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

If this game reviews well and Sony drops the price for their base PS4 then they will really come out on top. Come holiday expect to have stand-alone bundles with either this game, Red Dead 2 or God of War..

firelogic127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Spider-man has the potential to outsell God of War if it scores at least in the 80s.
1. Spider-man has more name recognition than God of War.
2. Rated T instead of M which means a wider audience.
3. People are going nuts for Spider-man ever since Civil War, Homecoming, and Infinity War.

And of course Red Dead 2 will kill everything.

badz149126d ago

but nobody could have predicted GoW is selling as great as it is. Sure people expected it to do well but not to this extend IMO. as an SP only game, it is even taking the fight to the top games on Twitch...I don't think anybody would have thought it will do THAT!

Sokol126d ago

Pretty much the only two games I am buying this holidays, Read Dead and Spidy. :)