Star Citizen Backers No Longer Able To Get Refunds

Backers of the infamous Star Citizen project no longer have any means of demanding refunds from its developer.

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gamerzero34d ago

I have said this before but I'll gladly say it again... Every time I read about this game I am so happy I haven't given them a penny.

When it releases maybe i'll buy there 50k dlc... oh wait it'll never actually release.

killswitch8034d ago

its actually fantastic and shaping up into a very nice's quite amazing and innovative with everything I have seen.

Eonjay34d ago

There is no reason they should deny refunds if they don't even have a release date. This is basically like if retailers suddenly said no to cancelling any preorders, regardless of whether the game releases or not.

TheDriz34d ago

Well the community that actually plays the game seems to enjoy it. The latest patch has been pretty cool because it doubled my performance. Not much to do yet but its gotten a lot in the past year and you can see it all coming together pretty nicley.

I would ask you to do some research on game development. Many games are developed faster than this one but on the other side there have been a ton of games that have taken even longer than this. This game is probably the most ambitious game ever(that we know about) and they have allowed us into development from the very beginning. Most games of this scope dont even let you know they exist until they are 4 years in or so. Actually id say they are probably at the point where a normal developer would start making some announcements.

Are they behind our timetable as gamers? Sure they are. But if you dont have any interest and havent spent any money then why are you here? @thatguyhayat are you not the other side to the same coin? Why are you here?

traumadisaster34d ago

You lost all credibility when you said most games don't announce until 4 years of development. What a con job

bumsick34d ago

@trauma If its a new IP then thats not really that far off, unfortunately most games that are pumped out these days are sequel's or adapted tech from similar games so they can be done in 2 or 3 years, which funnily enough is why a lot of people got bored with gaming in its current state. Which is why S.C has been funded so successfully. It was a promise to make something new and exciting.

The reason most people who dont actually know anything about the game, other than what the shill media vomit in their general direction, think its taking so long is because they are used to the "cookie cutter" dev cycle which is shorter due to everything being recycled.

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Christopher34d ago

If the community that plays it seems to enjoy it, why is there news about refunds no longer being accepted?

I think there are both people who enjoy it and people who are unhappy with it. C'est la vie.

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OhMyGandhi33d ago

Prey was in development for 10 years. It was also ambitious...

Christopher33d ago

***Prey was in development for 10 years. It was also ambitious...***

Prey was rebooted twice before it became what it did. Through two different studios as well.

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frostlatch34d ago

Yea. Couldnt agree more. I want it to succeed but Robert is just too damn sketchy man. Lets hope it releases but until then, Im not giving them anything. The fact that you cant get refunds now makes me even more happy I didnt fall for the hype. Thats just too shady.

awdevoftw34d ago

Anyone backing this by now should know the risks. Although it is screwed up you wont get a game or refund. But you do get a perpetual alpha.

porkChop34d ago

I'm not surprised by this at all. The game is an ongoing scam, and people are now locked in to their purchases despite the finished product not being delivered yet.

Scatpants34d ago

They must really suck at scamming to be wasting their time producing all these game assets then. Wouldn't a better scam not involve building a super complex highly detailed game world? Seems like you might get more money out of it not doing that.

lociefer34d ago

"But it's for the community" lmfao, gtfo with your scam