Screw Lovecraft, let's talk about other horror universes games could explore

"There have been some great Lovecraft inspired games throughout the years, but horror games can do better. The genre is infinitely deeper and wider than one man’s work." - PC Gamer

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Bobafret125d ago

Why does it have to be "screw" anything?

Felix_Argyle_Catbro125d ago

Just like how things need to apparently die if something becomes popular.

"Singleplayer games will die!!"

People are just idiots who can't comprehend things like coexistence.

MONOLITHICIDE125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

What exactly is coexistance. we all-already exist. I think. Free yourself. Are your words chosen for you. Dont be existential now?

Bobafret125d ago

I am people, you are people. We are all idiots at one time or another.

rainslacker125d ago

Because we live by highlander law where there can be only one.

Platformgamer125d ago

an uzumaki inspired game? yes please!!!

Godmars290125d ago

Given time difference and influence on media, there likely wouldn't one without the other. Even and especially considering cultural differences.

Hell, by all counts the mecha genre started with a British S/F mag.

isarai124d ago

I still feel like very few have actually done lovecraftian games right. in that regard I'd like for people to keep trying. I do agree however that it's a shame no one has looked at Japanese horror manga when it come to inspiration