Xbox One Dolby Vision HDR support extends to Blu-ray discs this fall

Dolby Vision hits Xbox One in the coming weeks – with support for discs reportedly slated for the fall.

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Obscure_Observer128d ago

Amazing! THAT WAS FAST!!!

Great Job Xbox Team!

timotim128d ago

I have a TV that supports Dolby Vision so I'm really looking forward to this update.

nitus10127d ago ShowReplies(3)

Man the next Xbox is going to be amazing. The X is a beautiful machine with so many features it makes you wonder what they have in store for the next machine.

Gman32127d ago Show
carmelo43127d ago

and whats this so many features you speak off?


Go look it up for yourself. MS updates the X with MANY new features consistently. Anyone who owns an X knows this to be true.

carmelo43127d ago Show
Bruh127d ago

Its selling better than the PS4 Pro, so something must be going right

iplay1up2127d ago

Well, Dolby Atmos, it has a 4k Bluray player, now Dolby Vision. It loads games faster, and they run better. My X1X is way better than my S was.

fiveby9127d ago

It's selling to people dumping their OG XBox. Many PS4 owners are still happy with their OG PS4 and felt no need to upgrade if they didn't have a 4K set. The X1X is surely better than the OG X1 but it's sales numbers reflect how poorly that orig console was received even by XB fans.

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The story is too old to be commented.