Rainbow Six Siege immediately bans players for using slurs

Toxicity and abusive language is a problem that almost every large multiplayer game where players communicate with each other faces, and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is no exception. That said, Ubisoft has taken another step in addressing the age ol' issue. Since yesterday, dozens of players have been getting instantly banned when they use slurs of the racial or sexual varieties.

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CloudStrife900126d ago

Ha! I love R6S' simple response to that complaint about racism being a bannable offence...


naruga126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

they make a competitive game that its purpose is to 'attack; and kill the opponent physically rising your adrenaline and your aggression ...AND then they punish you for talking badly during a war game..WTF ?? how much hypocrite can be these companies ??? from oneview they push you to "defuse " and relax stress on a virtual war and from the other they forbid to just "talk" badly to virtual opponents which is part of the fun and de-stress procedure .....Ubisoft along many other lame companies (Activiision) should be boycoted forever from gamers

DragonDDark126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

That's why people hate playing online these days... people like you that just want to be toxic and use bad language.
I'm really glad Ubisoft are banning people like you & I'm also glad that you're not buying another Ubisoft product. One less toxic person for them to deal with.

People want to have fun. If you're gonna be a party pooper in a game then stop playing them with randoms & play them with your toxic friends.

raptor_aktual126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

You think I enjoy pre-pubesecent kids telling me they're going to plow my mom while they call me a "n****r"? No, it's gross and detracts from the experience, but I also know how to use a fucking mute button or vote-to-kick. It's really that simple.

People want to have fun. If you're gonna be a party pooper in a game then stop crying to developers, and just use the fucking mute button like all the rest of the god damn adults. Be a critical thinker for once.

DragonDDark126d ago


You're telling me to mute in a game like R6S? Clearly, you don't play it much. I reported a ton of people for toxic behaviour & I'm glad some of them got banned & I hope they learned from it.

Also, why should I mute people in the first place if you can just act like a normal person and be less toxic?
People that are toxic should be banned because it's not fun playing with them. It's as simple as that.

raptor_aktual126d ago


"You're telling me to mute in a game like R6S? Clearly, you don't play it much. I reported a ton of people for toxic behaviour & I'm glad some of them got banned & I hope they learned from it."

Yes, I am. And yes, I do. If you depend that much on communicating with the toxic, racist 12 year-old on your team then it sounds like you have a severe case of gitgud. And careful not to break your arm patting yourself on the back for getting people banned over your frail ego.

"Also, why should I mute people in the first place if you can just act like a normal person and be less toxic?"

I know, right? Why can't everyone just be normal like you? Why doesn't everyone just think exactly like you, then we'll all get along. Why doesn't the world cater to your narrow lens over reality. Truly the greatest tragedy of all.

raptor_aktual126d ago


"People that are toxic should be banned because it's not fun playing with them. It's as simple as that."

By the way, thanks for proving my point: That this isn't about race to people like you, but instead about people hurting your god damned feelings... Something that is entirely subjective, I might add. What may hurt your feeling and be toxic to you, may not be to others. The world does not stop and start at your convenience.

DragonDDark126d ago

I'm sorry that I don't like hanging out with toxic people when I'm playing games for fun... That's my bad right?

And when did I say That my feelings were hurt? Stop putting words in my mouth.

Stop being an a** when people are just trying to have fun.
^ why is that statement bad to you?

antz1104126d ago

You can play said game without being a racist and just try to have fun. That's the point, isn't it?

raptor_aktual126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

"I'm sorry that I don't like hanging out with toxic people when I'm playing games for fun... That's my bad right?"

Don't apologize to me. You didn't hurt my feelings. Just grow tougher skin. That's all.

"And when did I say That my feelings were hurt? Stop putting words in my mouth."

I kind of explained this already in a roundabout way earlier, but I guess it didn't stick: What you consider to be toxic or asshole-ish behavior is entirely subjective. That depends entirely on your emotions and logic being less refined than others. Though I do not support racism, I do have a higher tolerance for bullshit, and in some cases I may even find it funny (depending on my mood). I'm willing to bet that there is a 10 to 1 chance that what you find offensive is quite tame compared to what I find offensive. That's what I mean when I say you are dictating what is toxic based off of your emotions "being hurt". Maybe to you it doesn't seem like your feelings are hurt, but the bottom line is that there is something bothering your psyche so much that you demand the space around you be augmented to suit you.

DragonDDark126d ago

I dont care about what anyone finds offensive or not. I'm saying don't talk & say stuff that can ruin the experience for other people. This is why R6S is so bad for new people. Everyone just says bad stuff to the newbies & they just leave because of it.

CloudStrife900126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

The game is M/18+, that means that the content within has earned a high age-gate. That doesn't mean, however, that people can freely discriminate other players and then expect a free pass on the merit of the game's rating.

You have to be the same age to enter a bar and drink. Does that give you the right to talk like that in a bar? No, it doesn't. Though I BET those that do this on Siege would never do that in the open anyway. Count yourselves lucky Ubisoft doesn't forward your information to the law following racist outbursts.

Moral of the whole story? There's no room in this world for racism. Period. @DragonDDark is spot on with what he says. Furthermore, yes there's a mute function. Though, this game is a game that relies heavily on team-play. Muting my team just because they're a bunch of racist scumbags is counter productive. I would much rather they be banned and leave that open slot for someone with some decency.

thekhurg126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

It's just a social justice development team trying to act high and mighty. If emotional feelings of spineless cowards are that important, they can implement a language filter into the game itself.


Incorrect. It's people like YOU that are the problem with online gaming. You are probably the type of person that immediately turns off any language filters so you can read all those cuss words and then complain about them.

DragonDDark126d ago


I don't like dealing with toxic people when I return from a long day from work. Is that hard to understand? Why not just try to be friendly? Isn't that better?

You can say cuss words, but don't use them to attack other people.

FITgamer126d ago

I'm a very competitive person in every aspect of life. That being said even when I lose I some how keep my cool. It's amazing how far a little self control can go.

BongSmack126d ago

Maybe being racist and sexist is fun for you, but not for most people. Most people are capable of controling themselves. Also, in multiplayer games the people you're talking to aren't virtual as you said, they're real.....Do you understand the difference?

DarXyde126d ago

So... your first instinct when you get upset or competitive... is to use racial slurs?

Help me understand...

If you go to a Walmart and someone from different ethnic group does something to make you angry, are you saying your first instinct will be to say something racially reprehensible? That your impulses overcame your best judgment? Or, being out in the open, will you suddenly be able to control yourself?

If so, I have to say, you're a pretty sad person. I'm all for freedom of speech and expression, but if hate speech is so internal that you respond with that and justify it by basically saying it's a heat of the moment reaction, you're a loser.

valkrol126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

People aren't being punished for talking badly during a war game, they are being banned for horrible, racist comments. Calling the developers hypocrites is ridiculous. If people are that unhappy with how this game is being run they can always play something else.

Zenbaby369126d ago

@raptor So you're saying that literally we should just ignore racism? The mute button might be simple, but do you know what else is simple? Not being a fkn racist. Ignoring issues like this is part of the problem as a whole. I get it man, no one should be offended by words. Especially from a kid on a game. That being said why is someone who is clearly not mature playing an M rated game? Maybe anyone who isn't mature enough to not say racist garbage shouldn't be allowed to play? *mind blown*

Zenbaby369126d ago

There is a difference between shooting at someones character and playing the game the way it is meant to be played, and going out of your way to be hurtful to that PERSON. This isn't called Rainbow Six Siege "Internet warrior edition". If the way you "de-stress" is by trying to make other people feel bad because of their skin color, you might need to re-evaluate your life and maturity levels.

Ashlen126d ago Show
Christopher126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

***forbid to just "talk" badly to virtual opponents***

Other human beings aren't virtual opponents. People are who you're talking to, not programmed pixels.

***People want to have fun.***

If you think the idea of fun is using slurs at other humans, then you need help. I don't see why anyone would support people being rude for the sake of being rude.

***hurting your god damned feelings... Something that is entirely subjective***

Future child psychologist here. Let us know how this method of telling people that feelings are subjective work out for solving issues.

3-4-5126d ago

Naruga - It's called self control. Your lack of it, is not an excuse to do as you please at the expense of others.

Grow up whiny gamer.

vallencer125d ago

I remember when common decency was a thing. It's a shame that's just going out the window now. You can still use cuss words by the way in the game. You're just not allowed to use racial, homophobic, and sexist words and slurs. If you need to use any of those to vent frustration then you should reevaluate yourself and grow up. I really don't get why everyone just says get thicker skin. How about you just stop being a douche. It's pretty simple. Just be excellent to each other.

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raptor_aktual126d ago

Them six months later: "Nobody playing our game. :("

Us: "Good."

81BX126d ago

Lol you're salty because they are banning people for using sexual or racial slurs!?!?!?! LMAO

Team_Litt126d ago

Are you honestly defending racial and sexist slurs? Wow.

annoyedgamer126d ago

Q: Will they ban black guys who use racial slurs to refer to their friends? This is how many black people in the USA talk. And when the activists cry foul over it what will be the responce.

TheRealHeisenberg126d ago

Although I feel it is not the same thing, I do feel that they should be banned too. If I'm forced to make a choice between banning those using it as a hateful insult and those using it as a term of endearment towards friends then I would ban those using it as an insult. That is just too much gray area for me so I would ban them all.

CloudStrife900126d ago

They should IMO.

It's racist regardless as to who says it.

jmc8888126d ago (Edited 126d ago )


You're right.

But people say that's not the case. You have college professors all around this country teaching only white people can be racist.

So that begs the question, where does Ubisoft stand on this?

Also what exactly is a slur? The meaning changes over time. What one decade isn't a slur and is the SJW politically correct word to use, the next decade is a slur. It's like people can't figure this out. Just when will the next shift happen? Will Ubisoft put out a community wide alert to what words are currently and then being adopted over time to be banned words?

Also ubisoft is going to have to learn the 'slurs' for dozens of countries and thousands of whatever. No doubt this will lead to selective punishment. Some slurs will get by as others won't.

What's really funny is even SJW's themselves use slurs. They like to think they don't. But go look at some of their protest videos. N word this, n word that. They even use 'cisgender' as a slur. So hopefully Ubisoft equally applies this to everybody and includes words like that. Or comments like, 'oh you're straight', or shut up whitey.

Of course phrases like parent's basement, or fatty, or loser, or all said slur like.

Also what happens if someone has their mic open and someone is yelling stuff in the background? Or from a tv? It won't always be obvious that it's coming from a tv or unrelated conversation.

What happens if someone purposefully yells slurs in micshot range to trigger the ban?

Or what if it's just coincidental. Like a RB6 player is playing and is using a mic or a room mic (think like PS4 camera or whatever that picks up EVERYBODY's comments), and either something bad happens or another player starts talking crap? Then you might not be doing anything, but it triggers someone else in your room to start yelling at the other player. Should you be banned for this? Of course not.

I remember one time about 10-12 years ago, I was playing a game, and had one of those open mics, and someone was being a butthole and a guy I knew literally started having an argument with someone I was playing. Under said scenario, if he said a slur, I would get banned.

There are just so many problems with this. But people are quick to use authoritative means in an attempt to socially engineer the populace never mind the drawbacks.

If people remember back to how they were taught, at least here in America about how the legal system is supposed to work. It's better to let 100 criminals go free then erroneously incarcerate ONE innocent person. Sadly, people are more out for blood then anything else these days.

This isn't doing that, or anything close to that. It's going to ban a lot of innocent players and victims of trolling.

People have lost their minds, and in reality are just as bad as those racists. What's the difference between these two types of people? They troll society in different ways, equally intolerant and destructive. But one side erroneously thinks they have the moral high ground. They don't.

Tru_Blu126d ago

If I'm called whitey or cracker will that person be banned?

DragonbornZ126d ago

They are two completely different words, but maybe.

"Whitey" may not be associated with their algorithm. The C word is racist and it should, but it's also the name of food so I wonder if it will.

Atticus_finch126d ago

Annoyed gamer, no one said they wouldn't be banned.

Sayai jin126d ago

Here comes the what about-isms. How would they know they were black, white, etc. They state slurs, regardless. They didn't say only urs from X race.

Many? How many black people you know or see doing this day to day? Not on youtube or tv, but real life.

81BX126d ago

Lol are you suggesting ubisoft is only going to ban white people? How are they going to make sure they only ban white people who say n××××× ;? If I was ubi I would make this simple for everyone... if you're black,white, hispanic... etc. You have a choice. Either play our game and conduct your self in a mature manner by not using racial or sexual slurs. Or you can go play another title. It's that simple. Were not here to police the world. You and many other gamers purchased this product and deserve for us to provide you with a stable environment to play it in.

Zenbaby369126d ago

@jmc8888 I don't think this works for mics, I think it's just typed stuff. You can't voice chat to the enemy team, so a lot of this is typed chat. Even if it did. If you can't control things being said around you that might potentially hurt other people, maybe you shouldn't have your mic on. Secondly, there is no "stance" on whether white people are the only ones that can be racist. I have an example that I've experienced personally if you really need me to share it with you.

The "argument" is that to be racist you have to assume you are superior, and some people just don't believe anyone can think they're superior to white people. I can assure you that isn't the case at all.

Ubisoft doesn't have to learn anything. They implemented something that filters through some OBVIOUS issues. It isn't unfair to anyone that only the "slurs" they use gets banned. I'm also going to go out on a limb and 100% guarantee the N word doesn't have a drastic change in the meaning during the lifespan of rainbow six siege, call me crazy. They don't have to have a list of words you can and cannot say, they have rules that blanket hateful use of words and if someone isn't mature enough to know they're being hateful then they should be banned anyway right? This IS a mature game. Mature doesn't mean you get to harass or abuse other people.

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Sam Fisher126d ago

Its a mature rated game....

ziggurcat126d ago

playing a mature rated game isn't a license to be racist/sexist.

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blackblades126d ago

Lol good, they need to learn how to speak to people no matter what the occasion is.

raptor_aktual126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Nah. That's what parents are for. It is not the duty of game developers to babysit and police the thoughts and speech of their players. Are they allowed to do that? Absolutely. Should they? Nah. You worried about kids being racist? Be a better parent, and encourage others to do the same. Good behavior starts at home. A video game banning people does not fight racism by even a modicum.

antz1104126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

So they should do nothing? No, if they have the ability to help and look the other way about it then they're just as culpable as the ones saying the slurs. Good for them for taking a stand to improve the community.

raptor_aktual126d ago

"So they should do nothing?"
What the fuck is the mute and vote-to-kick supposed to be for? That is putting the players in complete control over the level of toxicity in their community. If people are TRULY that bothered by toxic players then we should encourage each other to vote-to-kick and/or mute said players. If you're not willing to stand up for what you believe in and set that kind of example in-game, then stop whining. You're part of the problem too.

antz1104126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

But this is exactly why you report players, for stuff like this. From what I've heard RSS has one of the most toxic communities out there, they have to try something. If you don't agree well that's fine, it's your problem not everyone elses.

TheRealHeisenberg126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

You are right about the parents but the problem with that is that people suck and so do their kids. Even in cases where the parents are doing everything right you will have just have some bad kids. Also, it is not just kids that carry on this way. Anyway, you seem to be a somewhat intelligent individual so none of this should be news to you.

DragonbornZ126d ago

It is the duty of game developers to follow through on reported players, whether that be hacking or slurs. Slurs fall under hate speech, so they are fine in how they are handling it regardless.

blackblades126d ago

It'll let them know of that kinda language is not welcome. We shouldn't even have to mute someone, and mute doesn't deal with the toxic players. It'll keep them in check and let people just enjoy the games.

valkrol126d ago

They aren't babysitting and policing the thoughts and speech of their players, they are implementing a code of conduct.

Team_Litt126d ago

So instead of preventing a person from being called a n****r c***t in the first place you want them to hear the insult and then not punish the perpetrators but simply ignore them by muting them?
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Perhaps they should implement that in everyday law too? Instead of arresting people for breaking the law, we should simply move away from them or better yet, move them to another neighborhood where they can go do more crime instead.

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annoyedgamer126d ago

This reminds of of Club Penguin. Bad words get instabanned. Only problem is this game is for adults not children.

81BX126d ago

Adults... not idiots ;)

jivah125d ago

@81BX Adults... not snowflakes ;)

Eidolon126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

Guy got banned for saying N***A, through voice, on a relatively private channel of communication, no context. It's all about context, always has been.

Oh come on. Ni**a isn't even a racial slur anymore, I use it with friends, and I'm hispanic, and in public, no one bats an eye, it can be comedic/friendly now. Now if he said N***(ER) to a black person, with a specific tone, then it's racist. PewDiePie said it on a stream to a non-black person, out of anger, it was a thing and he apologized for it, even black people were making jokes about how ridiculous the publicity got over it. His subscription still skyrocketing.. no one should give a shit if you say the N word anymore, as long as it's not in a racial context, even then we're just giving power to those words. Some people just use it because it's just derogatory, but most of the time it's not even racist or meaning be hurtful, or to a black person. The new sensational word is C*NT.

You all are a bunch of fragile snowflakes

bolimekurac126d ago

as much as this tramples over free speech and usually leads to censorship all around, first we need to watch what we say, next games will remove curse words, violence will be tamed down, thats how it starts.

BUT.... there has to be civility and basic common ways we all treat each in person and online and during gaming, if this gets people to behave properly and have fun without using slurs and sexual stuff then i hope it works because there is nothing worse then trying to play a game and having to deal with aholes who ruin the whole experience. no one should be abused while playing their games.

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DragonbornZ126d ago

I highly doubt that. There's a pretty sizable difference between swearing and using racial slurs. The difference is like 10 football fields apart lol. I don't think swearing in general falls under hate speech anyways, but racial slurs do.

ziggurcat126d ago

it's not trampling over anything. and curse words/general violence is not the same as uttering racial slurs/sexist behaviour/uttering death threats, so no... that's not "how it starts."

free of speech isn't freedom of consequences for your actions. so many people don't understand the law, and often think that it means you can do or say anything you want.

also, it only entitles you to be able to speak out against your government without being thrown in jail, it doesn't entitle anyone to be a racist.

valkrol126d ago

It doesn't trample free speech in any way.

Profchaos126d ago

Does the fee speech argument even work when ubisoft is not an American company and you pay their game using their servers

Profchaos126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

This is international ubi itself is not an American company

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raptor_aktual126d ago

As a private company they are well within their rights to push away their own consumers. I support their decision, albeit a foolish one. There is always another developer out there on the sidelines waiting for their competition to slip up just like this.

FunAndGun126d ago

lol, you must really enjoy being a virus on multiplayer games. Seems like this issue is really putting a wrench in your upcoming plans to be a grief chief. ....or were you banned already and this is your response?

Banning anonymous hate talk is a good thing, except when you are the one doing the talking.....hint hint.

annoyedgamer126d ago

Its a sad day when someone who doesnt support nannying is accused of being "toxic".

jmc8888126d ago

Wow, that's pretty toxic and intolerant. Just because someone doesn't think as you do, doesn't mean they engage in that behavior. Assume much?

It's sad because a bunch of people on this thread who support this will eventually slip up and say something 'toxic' and get banned. If not this game, then another if it spreads.

Of course they are only brave enough to do this because people can't ask for refunds. If a company takes your ability away to play the game, the player should be able to refund the game.

Plus now you are in a sense going to have MORE toxicity. People who are going to try to grief people into saying something toxic so they get banned. I guarantee this is going to be a thing.

People teamkilling, purposefully blocking your line of sight, destroying your equipment, so on and so forth. People getting into arguments with the 'teammates' just to get people to slip up. That is far more toxic.

It's like people can't think straight. Anybody against this has to be a toxic racist player. Or maybe some people can actually think, unlike the SJW who merely think they think.

Tru_Blu126d ago

Or you could be an adult, it is a M rated game so the language shouldn't be policed.

ziggurcat126d ago

"Its a sad day when someone who doesnt support nannying is accused of being "toxic"."

It's a sad day when someone thinks uttering racial slurs is okay.

WeebLord126d ago

Jmc8888 rocking the classic "anyone who disagrees with me must be associated with this other group!" That's a great move, A+.

It's Ubisofts game and they're drawing a clear line in the sand. Your fairy tail about people being baited into using a slur is asinine. I've been playing online for 20 years now, never used a slur what kind of space magic is that? If you have to insult anyone you have all these words available to you, pick up a dictionary.

Not everyone who disagrees with you is some kind of tide pod eating kid who identifies as a spirit, you're not the beginning and end of people who actually think. Why don't you step back, you're wasting a lot of time rehashing the same crap.

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Ashlen126d ago

You think allowing people to use slurs is going to become someone's marketing slogan?

Yea I can see it now on channel 4 "In our online game you can call people n's and c's and b's!" Sorry but no TV station in the world is going to run that ad on their channel.

Any game like that will be relegated to the slums of Steam with all the other games that try to be edgy and offensive and try to sell on shock.

Muigi126d ago

People are so quick to talk online but won’t do shit in person.

Vames126d ago

Isn't it best to talk online than "do shit in person" as you say? The last person who followed up on his words nearly stabbed a man to death because he defeated him in an online game.

Zenbaby369126d ago

How about don't do crap online that you wouldn't do in person? It's not as if you can justify saying things online wi