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WTMG's Leo Faria: "To sum it up, this version of Captain Toad is basically the same game you've already played on the Wii U. There's no reason to replay it if you have done that the first time around, and there's nothing too exciting to justify a full-priced purchase if you haven't."

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Averyashimself251d ago

I'll be purchasing it on the Switch as it is only 39.99 and I've never played it before. But yea, like most games, there's not much reason to play it twice I would assume. Is this article really saying that a game that's ported over within a matter of only a couple years should have significant story/gameplay changes to hook rebuys? I would totally understand that for something that came out like 10 years ago and they expected 60 dollars. But this isn't that same case is it?

Barbauer251d ago

I think the bigger issue here - from what the review provided, so take it as you will - is that the game is the same, but with actual LESS gameplay elements to it since the Switch doesn't have a mic and the entire touchscreen interactions have been dumbed down a little so in fact the Wii U version might actually be a bit better? I dunno, never found Captain Toad to be THAT exciting to begin with, but that's just me...

awdevoftw251d ago

Just call it what it is. A cash grab.

251d ago
LgbtWarrior251d ago

Play the 3DS version actually has 3-D and full touchscreens with the bottom screen just like the Wii U version. The 3d effect is awesome.