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Defiance 2050 is a remaster/remake of sorts of the MMO third person shooter that came out last generation which was simply called Defiance.

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MAULxx130d ago

I tried the beta expecting a better remade version of Defiance. I quickly deleted it as soon as I realized it's just a port that's a little better looking & runs better. The guns sounds are still horrible & audio still cuts out just like on last gen consoles. They updated the title of the game more than the game itself.

Robospider130d ago

Thanks man saves me installing it

MAULxx130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

If it's free to play then you can give it a shot for yourself. I was just giving my impressions of the little time I spent with the beta. I played the Xbox 360 version for awhile & had my fill of it. I thought maybe a remake would fix some of the issues. I was expecting more.

OB1Biker130d ago

I've just downloaded it and I ll play it when I get the chance. Sounds exactly what I need ATM since its free to play. I haven't played the original but it seems good fun

MAULxx129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Get some pals to play along with you & you should get some free fun out of it but it probably won't be something that will pull you in for long.