Cyberpunk 2077 Being An FPS (RPG) Is A GREAT Decision

Pratyush writes- "The backlash against the first person perspective really blew my mind (I.e. the amount of people against this decision), considering that sales wise, it is one of the most popular genres on the market. Maybe it’s just the Witcher community reacting like this because they were expecting a third person game, which I feel is unwarranted given how people always keep talking about how “Developers should be given freedom over what they want to create.”"

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theXtReMe1127d ago

I agree. It puts you into the character, makes you a part of the universe in a way that mimics reality. Something third person can’t do. They aren’t going for the over arcing storyline that involves intense emotion, they are going for a mercenary who is doing everything he can to get out of a dire situation.

I think it would benefit developers, in any case, to offer gamers a choice. Kind of like GTA V. So you can play either way, that way both camps are happy and the gamers get the choice of playing the way they want to and not the way the developer is forcing them to.

zivtheawesome127d ago

i don't know, people criticized fallout 4 for leaning too much to the action fps gameplay instead of the RPG mechanics. i am still hopeful it will be fantastic, they just need to be careful.

porkChop127d ago

It's still an RPG, they've just changed the camera perspective. Deus Ex: HR was in first person, and yet it was a great RPG.

smolinsk127d ago

It's a great decision, best way the really feel a game up and personal.

SickSinceSix127d ago

Deus Ex is first person and is highly regarded as one of the best rpg games of all time.

Just because The Witcher games were third person doesn't mean this has to be too.

porkChop127d ago

Exactly. The perspective won't change the core RPG foundation.

blacktiger127d ago

Keep saying that until it comes to be crap, why because gamers don't care what they don't see

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The story is too old to be commented.