PS4 Party Chat Being Invaded Following PlayStation Network Issues

Users reporting that uninvited players are joining their private lobbies on PS4 party chat following recent PSN downtime.

Kashima3d ago

Party invitations notification doesn't work

CBaoth3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

yep, and one of my Canadian mates couldn't swtich his profile over to online from off last night either. Our group gets together on Saturday nights for co-op action so hopefully all this is remedied when we get on tonight.

MAULxx3d ago

I had this problem too. I was appearing offline & couldn't get it to switch to appear online even when selecting it.

funkycoldmedina3d ago

Restart PS4. This seemed to fix invitation issues.

cd13d ago (Edited 3d ago )

They have been coming through for me...but like 12 times over. COD invites weren't coming through last night but joining lobby's worked. The only other issue i've noticed is PSN friends list taking ages to come up.

thatguyhayat3d ago

Oooh shizz, this happened to me few nights ago. I was in a private chat and somone from my mates list joined in i was thinking what the hell

Aenea2d ago

Then it wasn't entirely set to private, it's rather normal that friends of friends can join if you use the default settings...

Sniperwithacause3d ago

I've always been able to join party chats that have my friends in them. That is whether the host is not one of my friends. As far as private chats go, then that's messed up.

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