5 Reasons to Own a PSP in 2009 writes: We know the type, because we do this ourselves: you rush out to buy the latest gadget, sometimes even waiting in line at midnight with a bunch of other geeks. For a few months, you and your gadget do everywhere together: the mall, the movies, even to class. But after a while, the love affair starts to lose its lustre. Maybe a newer, glossier, thinner or lighter version is revealed (Apple and Nintendo are the worst offenders here). Or maybe you feel like you've simply outgrown your silicon-and-lithium-ion crush.

This happened for a lot of people who bought PSPs on day one – massive hype led to massive disappointment a few months later as a library of hit games failed to materialize. When the PSP-2000 launched last year, bolstered by recent releases like Daxter, Portable Ops, Siphon Filter, Crisis Core and God of War, it happened again. Once the initial burst of releases wore off, we faced another software drought in North America, this one worse than the previous decline.

Now Sony is back with yet another hardware revision, a lineup of interesting looking games, and a new strategy to woo gamers back to their little handheld that almost could. We think they finally have a winner on their hands, and to prove it, here are 5 reasons why you should own a PSP in 2009:

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clinker3680d ago

Now, the question is, are there enough reasons to upgrade from my PSP phat?

Charlie26883679d ago

Every site i've read a preview or review has stated that if you have a PSP1000 and you have the money you should upgrade since there is a considerable improvement but if you already had a PSP2000 the "upgrade" might not be worth it as much as with the old one

sinncross3680d ago

I would love to see .avi and .wmv support and the PSP would be mad.

The PSPN store is weird cause Sony already have 2 exclusive downloadable titles for it: Beats and Ape Quest (ape escape spinoff), and more titles coming. Can't wait.

Though point 5 is shocking... just resistance retribution and a possible LBP from first party? i wudnt say sony are leading the way unless more titles are coming.. a new pursuit force would be nice

INehalemEXI3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

Resistance Retribution..... NM I see it now down in point 5. Everything is good, good.

Another point is its got good import's.

ps360s3679d ago

4.COOL GADGET(if you know what i mean...);)

Zerodin3679d ago

Sony product.
Dislike hand helds.
Lackluster selection, that's mostly non-games, spin offs, and ports.
UMD is a dying format.
One analog nub.

Snake Raiser3679d ago

Ya know... I have a ps3, but I have to agree on everything except Sony product. Sony is very reliable. I don't mind hand helds... but if I am out of the house I probably have something to do.

kratos-i-am3679d ago

Wow because it's a Sony product? lol guess you won't be watching the next James Bond then! *rolls eyes* It's come to this!

Zerodin3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

He was still Sean Connery. LONG before the Sony buy out.

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The story is too old to be commented.