Xbox Game Pass is the best value in gaming, and it’s not even close

In February of 2017, we were introduced to the Xbox Game Pass. A service set upon the concept of giving all players instant unlimited access to a vast library of Xbox One and Xbox 360 games all connected to $9.99 a month subscription. Upon its release, Executive Vice President of Gaming Phil Spencer stated that they were aiming to create the “Netflix of Video Games“. At first, Game Pass felt more like something that would cycle through older titles, however, in recent months, Microsoft has added more features to bolster this already ambitious service. Game Pass was a prevalent feature at E3 for Microsoft, and they made the best value in gaming even stronger with new announcements.

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Razzer159d ago

Debatable. Game Pass is a great value. There is no doubt. But I don't think I would give up Humble Bundle Monthly for Game Pass. Origin Access may also be giving Game Pass a run later this year. Glad to see lots of competition.

cain141159d ago

Love seeing the competition :)

uptownsoul158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Best value in gaming, not even close…Not even close???

Define "value"

Game Pass - $10/month - 180 games

PS Now - $20/month reg price ($8.25/month in USA & Canada if 1yr is bought by Sept 25) - 650 games

(even at full price PS Now offers over 3x the games for 2x the price)

So again I ask, Define "value"?

itsmebryan158d ago

I glad you enjoy your PSnow. When PSN is down can you still play ? Does it allow you to download the games like game pass now?

Mr_Writer85158d ago


Re: Downloads.

Not yet, but it may become an option for the PS4 games on the service in the near future.

uptownsoul158d ago


The way I see it, GamePass has 3 distinct value advantages over PS Now (price per month, download vs stream & newer titles)…

The question is: Do those 3 distinct value advantages mean that PS Now is "not even close" (even though PS Now has 470 more games)?

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lxeasy159d ago

Humble Bundle Monthly is great but I wouldn't put Origin in the same league as Game pass. I think Game Pass is definitely one of the better values in gaming right now, especially since they are nearing over 200 games on the service.

optimus159d ago Show
Razzer159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Definitely not yet for Origin. I’m talking about when their new Premier service is launched. We will see.

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Snakeking33158d ago

But those new games are only Microsoft exclusive games is assassin creed or will Red dead redemption two or Battle Field or the new call of duty game will it be on game pass day one

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Monster_Tard159d ago

No one seems to ever talk about the quest feature of GP, which adds more value to it, I've gotten plenty 1 month gold codes from it.

mark_parch158d ago

for me it's outstanding value, me and my friend who I game share with stacked 12 months each when it was half price so basically costing me £2 a months for the next 2 years. That is just ridiculous value for money especially when we're getting games like horizon 4, ashen, crackdown 3, gears 5 and motorosport 8 thrown in. I'm really hoping for a few more good indie games in there like below and the last night and maybe ori.

Razzer158d ago

Yeah, the big appeal to me is that every new Microsoft first party game will be both Game Pass and Play Anywhere. That is pretty awesome that these new game will be available day one on Game Pass and available for Windows 10 gamers like myself. For Forza Horizon 4, I'll probably take advantage of the Game Pass discount and buy the game outright.

mark_parch158d ago

I've already got more than my moneys worth as a didn't waste money on sea of thieves after trying on gamepass thought it was shit lol, got nearly 70 hours in sod2 absolutely love that game and with horizon 4 and ashen just around the corner

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optimus159d ago ShowReplies(1)
PhoenixUp159d ago

Services is the best value instead of receiving the most games?

Goldby159d ago

Paying for something you don't own is clearly the best value for one's money.

Why sell it or own it forever when u can keep paying to play the game

chiefJohn117159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Lol you must hate movie theaters and car leases huh?

ElementX159d ago

It's no different than renting movies or games and you actually have time to complete the games

showtimefolks159d ago


There are 2 types of gamers one like us who like owning. The other digital


Movie theaters got nothing to do with this when you can wait and buy the movie on bluray

Goldby159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Car leases are one of the worst ideas in my book, why pay soo much for something you drive around and not own, you still have to pay for repairs yet you cant sell the car.

as for movie theatres, well when you ahve a movie theatre experience from a game pass then we can bring that up.

i could easily wait till movies are out on blu ray to [pick them up, but even with a home theatre with a 100+ inch projector its no where like the experience at the movies.

good try though john, its nice to see you branching out a bit

i havent rented a movie or game in probably 10+ years, when t elast block buster went out of business in my old town was the last time i "rented"

ShottyatLaw159d ago

I've been renting video games since the 80s. Same thing with GP except it is a much better option.

Nothing stopping you from ignoring GP and just buying your physical games.

I take pride in my physical game collection. Doesn't mean I don't recognize a good deal in the digital renting space.


I can rent a digital movie from Google/Prime/iTunes/etc., I can rent the physical copy from Netflix/Redbox, or I could walk into a store and buy it.

It's nice games are finding new and cost effective ways of delivery too.

Sitdown159d ago

So should we assume that you are on free WiFi, because your statement would be very contradictory if you made that post on internet service that you are paying for.....and I say that as someone who fully believes in purchasing physical copies of both games, movies and music.

159d ago
Goldby159d ago


Except you can't own the internet....

darthv72159d ago

@showtime... but sony says nobody buys movies anymore. At least that's what they alluded to as to why the pro had no UHD support. They are all about the 4k streaming.

FloydianAndroid159d ago

Yeah because Sony’s streaming service is awesome.................

Profchaos159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

I don't own my Netflix library either but I still enjoy new and classic flix on it. I'm not going to go out and buy a DVD for each and every movie I want to watch

Same with Spotify and music

Also the bulk of games are fast becoming online only or require a check in to the server.
So in reality those games are useless once the servers are shut down and this can be done at any point within a90 day notice period

ElementX159d ago

@gold I haven't rented a movie or game in a long time either, but I never complained about not owning the game or movie

Goldby159d ago


i was about 12 at the time so i didnt fully understand the importance of ownership as well at the time i was renting games like cTR and stuff, while im more into single player narrative strong games that take more than 2 days to beat

Raiden158d ago

Sorry, but you are wrong, you are so against this because it's MS, so what you are saying you to all us gamers that game pass is crap, look GP, ££/$9.99 100+ games VS any game that you buy at full price £60, you play it for bout hate it now try returning it to the shop, this is where the shop say £20 for it or take another pre owned and £10, so you waste £40 in GP you would already now you don't like the game

Goldby158d ago


Excpet I also don't subscribe to ps now.

This is about a service to pay to play games that you don't own. Not my bias towards sony.

Kavorklestein158d ago

Here's a list of all the games I wpuld actually "Play" on Gamepass, and this has plenty of games I removed from my list since they are games that didn't really interest me, or was on the fence about.


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lazyboyblue159d ago

There's nothing like buying a Game, especially boxed, but how many do we ever go back to after they're done? A handful? Gaming increasingly about the next new game because there's just so many released now. Who has time to dip back into an old game that's anything less than amazing when there's so much new content weekly to keep up with?
Playing devils advocate a little but Game pass is pretty good value and the business model is here to stay I wager.

Profchaos159d ago

I agree and there are some past gen games I always go back to but when I do they are normally the digital version up scaled for the new tv tech. Eg vice city looks horrible when played on a 65" 4k hdr TV even usining a hdmi adapter.

Solution is playing the backwards compatibile version so it's designed to run on the tv and maintain a hd res.

Its not the games fault it looks so bad it was meant to be played on a CRT TV which not many people still have.

Game pass is meant for these games to you can play the obscure titles you missed for a low monthly fee you don't own them sure but I don't own my Netflix library either

Christopher159d ago

I still see ownership of sales titles as the best value. It's cheap, you buy exactly what you like, you keep it.

I think Game Pass is a great alternative, but it depends on what you value as far as 'best value'. I do value ownership, others may not.

chiefJohn117159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

$60 for a 6 hour game is cheap? Nah I'd rather pay $10 get that plus 100s of other games too. Lol remember when everyone complained gaming is getting too expensive?

Beside if I wanted to buy the game.....I GET A DISCOUNT THAT EQUAL A MONTH OF GAMEPASS LOL you can't go wrong. Best value hands down

Christopher159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

So, just so I can understand you, when I say I buy "games" while they're "on sale" translates to you that I only buy "6 hour long games" for "$60"? I'm not sure how you get any of that from what I said at all.

Goldby159d ago

its cheif, if its a sp game its not worth buying cuz its a one and done game, yet he was proabblyone of the more vocal people when MS bought Ninja Theory (a sp game developer)

its a shame that chief still uses the flawed dollar per hour approach instead of what the game actually does.

in his eyes Journey, one of the best games of last gen would be a waste of money at 20$ for a 45 minute experience (after multiple playthrough)

Ristul158d ago

chiefJohn117: You get that we don't pay 60 dollars per game right, even if physical? There are SALES of physical games too, I mean, this is a thing you are aware of, I hope?

The difference is that we own the games and can play them whenever.

Profchaos159d ago

I'm seeing a digital library as a preferred model more and more since lots of games from last gen and this gen will slowly become useless as servers shut down.

Once the ps5 rolls around all the titles that require constant server checks ins like destiny will be slowly shut down and that's a smaller number last gen but this gen that's a giant number

Christopher159d ago

1. I think library is a misleading term as it infers ownership.
2. I totally get that, but the con is that it doesn't confirm that what is available is something you will want or that it will update with new content you find acceptable often enough. I'm having this issue with Netflix now as I'm finding less and less on there that I haven't seen or want to see. When Disney pulls out in the future, I wonder how much more of the fatigue may set in, but I'm already feeling it now and have considered removing it from my streaming services (I only have prime because I order enough to justify it).

DerekTweed158d ago

One of the things I like about Game Pass is it let's me try out games that I normally wouldn't buy. I may love it or I may dislike it.

Happened with Rise of the Tomb Raider. I played it for a few hours, didn't like it. Now I can try a different game that I may enjoy more. If I had payed $60 or even $30 for Tomb Raider I would have regretted that purchase.

Christopher158d ago

Subscription models are perfect for game demoing.

rainslacker157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

I miss the game trials that they used to give you on PS+. Get to try any game free for an hour, then you either pay or move on. Was nice to try out things you were on the fence about.

Think this should be brought back, particularly since it could maybe be done through streaming so you can try it out without waiting for the download. I'm sure people wouldn't mind trying streaming just to try out a game for a bit.

Mr_Writer85158d ago

It's good for multi console owners like myself.

I'm getting an X1 at crimbo, and whilst PS4 is my main (and Switch 2nd) game pass is a huge bonus as it means I get to play most of the X1s exclusives at little additional cost.

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Cmv38159d ago

I think game pass is a good value for the consumer if your getting quality day 1 games. If the games are games you didn't care about and don't like after trying and this happens often....well that's not his value. If the great games aren't coming day one but a couple months down the road, for me and how i game, its not a great value for me as I would already own the game.