9.5 - Fable 2 Review (Czech Translation)

Here is Konzolista's review of Fable 2

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chaosatom3534d ago

it's didn't convert it to english :(

elshimiablo3534d ago

Fable 2 got A/A+

which is 9/10

cant believe people are tweaking this to make fable 2 look better

fufotrufo3534d ago

make it look better?

Oh waitt it lookss soo worsee noww with the A!!


elshimiablo3534d ago

IGN gave it 8.8 and so do most other webistes which scored it below 9
It will average at 85% when all reviews are in

Not an AAA ouch

fufotrufo3534d ago

Gameplayer: 9.5/10
Eurogamer 10
OXM US: 9.5/10
Edge: 9/10
Gamezone German: 9.1 9
CVG 9.2 90%
Arstechnica: Verdict Buy
Gamepro Germany: 88%
RPG Site 9.6
OXM UK: 8/10
Kikizo: 9/10
Planet Xbox: 9.5/10
Daily Game: 7.8
Gamesradar: 9/10
IGN UK: 9.5/10
IGN 8.8
TXB 8.9
Planet X360 9.5

Current Average: 91%

CNET: Fable II GOTY material

haha you are one sad mother fuker

This is not a AAA title..if AAA games you want .i bet ..uncharted .. resistance , motorstorm and half of the ps3 not even rental worthy then .

elshimiablo3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

2 8/10 are pending at the moment

so it will be 88% and finally wen all reviews are in it will be around 85%

ThatCanadianGuy3534d ago

"CNET" company OWNED BY MICROSOFT saying Fable 2 is GOTY contender?
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

Stop embarrassing yourself kid.

By the way Do you're damn job as a contributor next time.
The story wasn't even in english and it was the wrong score and you STILL approved..

Next time i'll report you,and you'll lose Contributor rank.

GiantEnemyCrab3534d ago

Don't mind Alex/Nasim/Shmee and whatever the hell else he calls himself. He is a fool and is spending his time now trying his best to make this AAA game look bad and failing miserably like he fails daily on N4G and probably in his life as well.

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Speed-Racer3534d ago

Sorry for the rating mix up. Was also posting another review at the time and looked at the wrong one. :P

Zerodin3534d ago

You can't read, why should I care what you think.

Speed-Racer3534d ago

You fail at life... can't someone apologize for their mistakes...

ThatCanadianGuy3534d ago

Don't mind him flair,he's N4G's resident mental handicap.

Flop of the Year3534d ago

Sounds like I am still FLOP OF THE YEAR™

Zerodin3534d ago (Edited 3534d ago )

Damage control much?
Okami got a Metacritic score of HOW much? And the sales were piss poor.
The Czech people like Fable, they have a good eye.

elshimiablo3534d ago

A game is AAA only when it receives 90% or above at meta or N4G meta

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