The Rise, Fall, and Rise of Castlevania

What's going on with Castlevania now? Could we be on the verge of the series rising to relevance and new heights? Or could it once again fade into obscurity?

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P_Bomb126d ago

Season 2 on Netflix will be good for the IP. Could it lead to a new game ala the R&C tagline? “The game based on the movie based on the game?”

DivineAssault 126d ago

With Konami owning the franchise, i have very low expectations as far as any games are concerned. I would love for it to be revived but it will never be the same. Classic style or otherwise. Mobile type cash in BS. Looking forward to season 2 of the show tho

showtimefolks126d ago

They need to atleast release castlevania lords of shadow collection for next Gen. What's frustrating is the fact they laid a nice platform with original lords of shadow but for the sequel instead of making improvements they went after features like stealth which felt forced

DivineAssault 126d ago

Id rather them make a collection with all the 2D castlevania's in one package. The first LOS game was pretty good. Shadow of Colossus/GoW type game. Second one i didnt even bother finishing. Still, this series is about Castlevania 3 on NES so the classic games would be most fitting for a revival. After playing Bloodstained curse of the moon, i would love something in that fashion.

The 10th Rider126d ago

To be fair, they recently put out the best Bomberman in a while and they've been giving it tons of support.

DivineAssault 126d ago

Agreed. Still, their latest big budget title was a rip off mess of a game.

The 10th Rider126d ago


Yeah, I'm kind of hoping they take Castlevania back to its roots for the next one. If they put out a $40 sidescrolling Castlevania and supported it for a year or more like they've done for Bomberman, I can see it being successful and selling really well. If they announce some big-budget game that tries to be a AAA experience I don't think my expectations are going to be very high.

Retroman126d ago

If Burgertime able to be rebooted from Intellivision why cant Konami reboot Contra for ps4? also dev from kickstarter reboot Gradius on ps4-5

Fist4achin126d ago

Konami has a lot of great titles to pull from. I wish they would do something worthwhile, but they are more interested in those gambling videogames in asia right now. Gamers are not on their minds right now.

WitcheRivia125d ago

Castlevania is dead. It's all about Bloodstained now.

Godmars290125d ago

Games! Not TV series!

Konami is worse than dead at this point - erotic violence! - so what's the point of submitting a non-game subject to a gaming site?

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