DarkZero: Spore Review

Sean Bell writes:

"Ultimately, as interesting as Spore's concept is, the actual gameplay works against its offer to let you be creative, and the gameplay isn't really worth the sacrifice of the creativity - especially when the standalone creature creator was released ages ago. For a fiver. This alone makes Spore difficult to recommend. It's not a terrible game, by any means - my earlier accusation of "stripped-down versions of other games, with the creature creator sort of draped over them" still makes for a more interesting experience than most of the idiot-fodder on the shelves, and it's certainly more than the sum of its parts. It's just that the parts are mostly a bit dull and not really what we expected, and combined with the unholy amount of hype placed upon the game, they make up one of the most disappointing titles released this year. Just because it wasn't absolutely incredible."

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