"PlayStation 4 is doing so well - we don't forget why we're here now"

Speaking at at Develop in Brighton, Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida spoke about Sony’s journey as a console vendor, from the original PlayStation through to now with the PlayStation 4.

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PhoenixUp159d ago

It’s a shame we don’t hear from Ken Kutaragi, the man who started all this, anymore from anywhere. It’s like he fell off the face of the earth.

InMyOpinion158d ago

Kutaragi san is The Shadow Broker.

The_Sage158d ago

You win comment of the day! That's freakin funny! Kudos, InMyOpinion.

stuckNhere4Good157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

I heard he is The Oracle... (0:54 - 1:05 )

RDF158d ago

Kutaragi is the director of the mobile interactive board. The board responsible for regulation of all mobile games in japan. It has a more offical title but thats what they do.

Smokingunz157d ago

Seems like a step down to me

Rimeskeem158d ago

What makes a legend is not the PR but the fact the name can be spoken without a word of initiation from said legend.

Godmars290158d ago

More shot himself in the "foot" with a comment regarding second jobs that's still blowing off in Sony's face.

bujasem_89158d ago

Correct me if i'm wrong, but wasn't that Kazu hirai?

ShadowWolf712157d ago

Yeah, because people way misinterpreted and misrepresented the actual quote.

stuckNhere4Good157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

More like you're working to keep James Ransom-Wiley's lie... alive.

Technological advancement and the costs associated with it don't care about the hot air you and whoever else blows in SIE's face. The slowing of Moore's law, increasing compute/rendering demands and the storage capacity that post-8th era games will require of a medium guarantees that PS3 won't be the first and last PS to cost $499... or more.

Godmars290157d ago

I get everyone else getting on me for mixing things up, but what are you trying to get at?

Back at the time the PS3 was a steal at $600 as a BR player that played three generations - in the beginning - of games besides. Especially when standalone BR players were going for $1000.

Its just like with crossplay now, Sony had issues, weaknesses, and people who wanted them to fail promoted those failures.

stuckNhere4Good155d ago (Edited 155d ago )

No one got on you for mixing things up. bujasem_89 asked you to correct him/her, if wrong, as to whether it was Kaz Hirai who made the "second job" comment. ShadowWolf712 told you that people misinterpreted and misrepresented the "second job" comment... but, the "second job" comment was never made by an SIE executive or representative to begin with.

It was fabricated by a writer... It's his lie that you perpetuate. So, the blowback SIE got and still gets over something never said by one of its officials is nothing but hot air without the force of credibility behind it.

Due to factors I previously mentioned, SIE will find itself in a situation where it will have to break away from the $399 price-point. Cries of Sony being "cocky" and "arrogant" will flood threads and comment sections -- but like in the PS3-era, it won't matter. The advancement of technology will have had the final say... That's what I'm getting at.

Funny, in this thread you said that at $600 the PS3 was a steal, but in this thread... you said the PS3's price was a mistake. You sound confused; but here's my take...

Yeah, PS3 was a steal at $600 (a bigger steal at $500). Blu-ray players did sell for as much as $1000, but what you missed is that the PS3 cost $1060 to produce (the cost of technological advancement). That means Ken was fair to both the consumer and SIE with the PS3's price tags ($499/$599).

By the way, your claims that "a casual comment" cost Ken his job, and that SIE tried to "hamstring 3rd party studios into exclusivity by making porting to other systems as difficult as possible", are false and bogus.

Godmars290155d ago

You realize whether the comment was true, said by one or the other or quite literally pulled out of a reporter's @$$, that at the time it stuck? That were Sony was being villinized MS was praised to idiotic levels?

" you said the PS3's price was a mistake. "

Where are you reading that specifically? Just quoting myself here for s**ts and giggles:
" And still from those mistakes they were a solid competitor. Closed rather than widened sale gaps."

Despite your hostile attitude I'm getting that we're on the same side. That we both thinks that Sony's done a better job than MS than gaming is concerned anyway. With any difference being that Sony is as imperfect as I am.

And they did muck up the PS3's architecture, just like they did the PS2's.

stuckNhere4Good154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Obviously I realize that the untrue fabricated comment stuck (and still sticks), because you brought it up twice in two different threads. The second time triggered my initial reply and explains the hostility you perceive.

Take another look at your quote. It says "those mistakes" -- " those mistakes" is plural; and you listed what you thought "those mistakes" were: 1) a $600 system, 2) a casual comment and 3) trying to hamstring 3rd-party studios.

We're on the same side, but we see SIE's decisions and actions through opposite ends of the spectrum. For instance, you think SIE mucked up the PS3 and PS2's system architectures -- but I don't.

I think Ken Kutaragi had it right (use exotic higher frequency cores on the CPU to assist in or accelerate graphics processing, so that the GPU can render higher resolutions or fps ), Mark Cerny has it wrong (use lower frequency GPU compute units to accelerate CPU processes, at the expense of rendering higher resolutions or fps).

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DarXyde158d ago

Ken is still at Sony. He might be a little salty to see playstation doing so well without him though.

Personally, I respect him and his contributions, but I'm glad he's not doing playstation stuff anymore. He made some pretty crazy statements about PS3 that did more harm than good.

MONOLITHICIDE158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Statements. Very true statements. Whether whimpy fools believe or not Kutaragi created the most robust future proof entertainment system ever conceived along with other notable geniuses. With free network and highly class exclusives all in line to dominate the market. Only to behold a console to pay and pay some more for rudimentary story driven narratives with progressive antics and former shells of the past greatness achieved by the father of playstation. How i miss the days of a true PLAYSTATION.

DarXyde158d ago


So.... about that 4D and supercomputer status...

BrettAwesome158d ago

Do you want cheese with that whine?

Kokyu158d ago (Edited 158d ago )


Um Ps3 were used as supercomputers. They had to link 8 or 9 of them together but his claim was vailded.

DarXyde157d ago


......... no. Yes, linked together, the claim "makes sense", but following that logic, Windows 95 PCs are supercomputers if you get enough of them together.

And no, that's not what Ken meant. He was pretty intentional in his description.

Also, your numbers are a little off...

You're probably referring to this, which is more of a "budget supercomputer".

You were close though.

stuckNhere4Good156d ago (Edited 156d ago )


Crazy to some, sensible to others. Ken isn't still at Sony/SIE, however he still wields influence within the corporation/organization.

Post Ken's retirement, Kaz Hirai sought his advice on matters PS3-related... http://archive.videogamesda... , as have both Andrew House and Mark Cerny on matters related to PS4 (58:00 - 59:04 ) and PS4 Pro (4:12 - 4:52 ).

So talk of Ken possibly being "salty" and "not doing PlayStation stuff anymore" is absolute nonsense. You'd be surprised to learn how much PS4/PS4 Pro are actually of Ken's doing.

Oh... About that 4D and supercomputer status... Allegorithmic's Sebastien Deguy had some interesting things to say about 4D (there's a technical term for it) and how it applies to PS3...

Scott Kirkland and Mick Hocking of now-defunct Evolution Studios also had some interesting things to say a year before Sebastien -- and demo (36:37 - 39:47 ).

And yes, PS3 is a supercomputer because CELL embarassingly outperformed the general purpose processors... https://image.slidesharecdn... of its day in FLOPS... https://image.slidesharecdn... (supercomputer performance is measured in FLOPS... ), it prefetches like CRAY supercomputers of old... https://image.slidesharecdn... , runs Big Iron (mainframe) OSes and was highly tuned for HPC workloads...

When Ken said PS3 was a supercomputer, he didn't mean like the ones that make the Top500. For you to think he did just goes to show that he wasn't the "crazy" one.

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Smokingunz157d ago

He's enjoying retirement. I'm pretty sure he's in the background helping every now and then giving onsite. I'm pretty sure they'll turn to him for ideas on the ps5 they would be stupid not to.

Tsar4ever01157d ago

Ken Kutaragi, 'The Father of PlayStation'. Ken's children are the PsOne, PS2 & PS3.
Mark Cerny, "The Foster Father of PlayStation". His children are the PS4, PS4 Pro and upcoming PS5.

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FallenAngel1984159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

“PlayStation doesn't have a mascot as such, even if there are plenty of contenders - Nathan Drake, Sackboy or maybe even just Toro the cat - but none of them can really hold a candle to Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony's Worldwide Studios who's become the friendly face of PlayStation in recent years.”

I’d argue that Kratos best represents the PlayStation brand. They both became who they are by pledging loyalty to a certain entity(Ares/Nintendo) for something in return, got betrayed by said entity that ruled the domain/industry, set out on an epic quest for revenge with impossible odds stacked, contributed to slaying a titan(Gaia/Sega) of the domain that it had a temporary alliance with against the main betraying entity(Zeus/Nintendo) which underestimated them, reached the top of the industry/Olympus, and eventually decided to not be so focused on revenge instead and maturing/mellowing out while remaining a be wreckoned with.

cannon8800158d ago

Give this man a bubble for intelligent/ funny! lol

Pancit_Canton158d ago ShowReplies(3)
KickSpinFilter158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Brilliant! Dear human.

Christopher158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

So, who's Athena? Pandora? Who did "Kratos" murder to equate to his wife and children? How many innocent people did "Kratos" sacrifice to get vengeance?

Not that flattering of an analogy when you really think about it. Kratos isn't a hero or the good guy.

rainslacker158d ago

Couldn't Athena and Pandora be all those other consoles that tried to make some headway in the market? Steam Machines, Ouya, Shield, etc? Could be said that Sony murdered Nintendo, Sega, and at times, MS....but it's a stretch.

As far as who they had to sacrifice.....well, there I think you're just over thinking it.:)

Christopher158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Athena was a major role in Kratos' journey, some minor machine isn't that. This would be akin to Sony gutting Naughty Dog or the like. Or turning on Cerney/Shu.

I'm not overthinking it, I just think this is a boorish attempt to play up Sony as a good guy in the battle against evil. It's pretty poor fanfiction and self-gratification of a sort.

SierraGuy158d ago

PS1 sacrificed N64...that was no minor machine...and it was early on.

Christopher158d ago

***PS1 sacrificed N64...that was no minor machine...and it was early on.***

Can't be. N64 is Nintendo and Nintendo is Ares.

rainslacker158d ago

"I just think this is a boorish attempt to play up Sony as a good guy in the battle against evil. It's pretty poor fanfiction and self-gratification of a sort."

Sorry, but that seems like you're overthinking it. Was just a fun analogy.

Christopher158d ago

Nah, no overthinking. This is thoughts that come randomly while moderating. We just have different opinions, especially about the level of 'fun' of this analogy. It's okay to disagree, you don't need to put my thoughts down as 'too much' just because we disagree. Though, I would encourage 'more' thinking on stuff typically.

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158d ago
FallenAngel1984158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

@ Cloud

Lol I’ve always been saying Kratos is the definitive PlayStation mascot for a reason.

@ Pancit

If you want to push the analogy even further, Microsoft would be Hercules in this regard, being a fellow powerful demigod/mega conglomerate that harbors jealousy towards Kratos/PlayStation. There’s even a moment when Hercules/Microsoft seem to be working with their enemy Hera/Nintendo in a battle against Kratos/PlayStation.

@ Chris

Many of those Greek heroes, such as Oedipus, Achilles, and even Hercules at some points, had a Might Makes Right mentality; their worth as heroes wasn't measured by their moral character, but through their strength and power. Kratos being based on those mythological characters is essentially what these kinds of heroes would be in real life; sociopathic, selfish, bloodthirsty, and extremely entitled.

Conversely the video game industry is also governed by a Might Makes Right mentality, since even though the top dogs such as Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Sony, & Microsoft don’t always do the right thing but they got to where they and live or die by the success of their brand, and PlayStation just happens to continually be on top in that regard.

You don’t need to consider Kratos/PlayStation a virtuous hero, you just need to acknowledge them as them as the conquering victors that they are.

Christopher158d ago

If anyone in the industry deserves the title of Kratos, it's got to be EA then based on that concept of Might Makes Right.

Sony didn't get to where they were by sacrificing innocents and killing off competition. The whole analogy just doesn't work for me. In the God of War series, it's impossible to find any redeeming value in most of the individuals involved and I'd rather not have the idea be that we're all just giving our money to evil entities who will kill each other for the most selfish of reasons without thought for those below (consumers).

FallenAngel1984158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

EA isn’t in the hardware business. I’m talking strictly about the hardware manufacturers since they’re the ones who have the biggest influence on the industry in the same manner gods have the biggest influence on their domain.

Sony did however kill off various studios such as 989 Studios, BigBig Studios, Evolution Studios, Guerrilla Cambridge, Incognito Entertainment, Studio Liverpool, Zipper Interactive, Cellius, Eat Sleep Play, Game Republic, & Cohort Studios in the same manner Kratos has to make various sacrifices in his/its conquest for supremacy.

In the GoW series the Gods of Olympus are famous for toying with or outright squashing humanity when they feel like it, but also the sources of wisdom, love, agriculture, and even the Sun itself. Conversely although every hardware manufacturer has engaged in some questionable business practices, they’ve all contributed to the industry in meaningful way to warrant respect. So it’s not like they’re all irredeemably evil on either side of the analogy. In the end, which side is more in the right comes down to the audience/mortals.

If you don’t like the analogy then cool, I’m just saying in my opinion that Kratos is the best suited mascot for the PS brand.

Shadowolf158d ago (Edited 158d ago )


Very well said!

bujasem_89158d ago

This wins N4G. Awesome comment, I guess if MS fits anywhere in there could it be his children?

Hardiman158d ago

Best comment I've read in quite some time! Very nice analogy!

Smokingunz157d ago

Kratos is not owned by Sony but to the second hand company that does. I agree with the last paragraph but the first is subjective. Sony can't fuck wit nintendo and nintendo games trump all of Sony's first party games. They still cant make a better game than any of Nintendo's franchises. If it wasn't for Nintendo Sony wouldn't be here so they owe Nintendo some slack, even though I think Sony respects Nintendo and one of those reasons is they still copy nintendo till this day

thatguyhayat157d ago

Thissss. This right here is spot on. Let our voices be heard that kratos is the mascot

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ILostMyMind158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

PlayStation has brought a lot of fun to the childhood of many of us and has become synonymous of video game. It deserves.

InMyOpinion158d ago

They certainly don't forget. Their exclusive line-up alone is so overwhelming I'm almost (just almost) thinking "Sony, why all these great games at once?!".

KickSpinFilter158d ago

I don't think there has ever been a time where I have loved soooo many exclusives coming out for one system it's just dizzying.

rainslacker158d ago

PS2 days I had that feeling. not that they were all from Sony at that time though. There were so many JRPG's for that system, I would actually have to sit and choose which one I wanted to play next. Sadly, there aren't that many JRPG's to choose from of that caliber anymore.

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