Xbox trolls, get ready to have your fun ruined: Microsoft will be censoring you

Colette Bennett of Destructoid writes: Rule one of Internet anonymity: you can be a dick. Anytime, anywhere, and there are no consequences. This rule has somehow managed to drip over to Xbox LIVE, where you can be called any colorful racial or sexual slur with hardly a thought. It seems fans of the F-bomb will soon have their cereal peed in, however, I couldn't be happier to hear the news.

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TheColbertinator3679d ago

No more stupid racist remarks from those little kids on Live will be gone? Great!

DarthTigra 3679d ago

Im confused does this mean they will actually be able to censor what people say as they say it?

Pain3679d ago

Nothing New.

but more ore less NO THANKS. that just scare's me...u kids should be worried to.

Pennywise3679d ago

Im sure mute is a better option than this crap. This is censorship. I hate being censored!

Radiodread3679d ago

I'm just glad, there's too many 13 yr olds getting away with it. Little kids have NO discipline these days, because of their dumba$$ parents that raised them that way. There should be an age limit on XBL as well as on this site. *cough* yoshida, snipa, lilliflop multiple account idiot. We all know these are kids, because they have no sense in their posts it's just all jumbled BS. If I was their parents I woulda sent them to a mental institution and throw away the key.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3679d ago

Ooooh threats over the internet.I'm so scared /sarcasm

So is your flopbox back from repair yet,boy?

PoorDelayedFlop3679d ago

lol. a fine example of another 12 year old on his mommy's computer ^ ^ ^ ^

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3679d ago

I agree with you Poor Delayed Flop.Radiodread is on the computer past his bedtime

Pennywise3679d ago ShowReplies(3)
outlawlife3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

i highly doubt this will be implememnted over xbox live, just because microsoft developed a pieces of software doesn't mean it is going to the xbox

this is probably more for live streams online being broadcast on family friendly sites

but if it does get implemented on xbox or xbox live i'm going to guess that it will be an option which the user could turn on or off such as family settings or something

it is unfortunate that the little kids on live think they are cool by spouting profanity ad racist remarks but that is what you get when these kids are unsupervised and find entertainment by rick rolling on gamefaqs or making ytmnd page or reading /b/

you can't really stop it and in time as the use socom headset spreads psn will be meeting the same fate with obnoxious little kids or immature adults, i expect a high influx of them at christmas

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The story is too old to be commented.