Ori and the Will of the Wisps Features Dynamic Lighting and "Reactive" Environments

Thomas Mahler revealed two big graphics improvements for Ori and the Will of the Wisps: dynamic lighting and "reactive" environments.

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ccgr129d ago

Still got to play the first one which looked amazing

SoloFish129d ago

Ori was one of my main reasons I bought my first MS console to go along side my PS4 after only being Sony since the Dreamcast. It's a fantastic game with the most beautiful soundtrack. I have played it through several times and can't wait until Will of the wisps gets released.

343_Guilty_Spark129d ago

It’s such a magical experience

Obscure_Observer128d ago

Since Phil said that acquisitions/creation of first party studios will not stop with the 6 new studios, hopefully MS acquires Moon Studios and Studio MDHR. :)

riibhu129d ago

You know people may call Microsoft many things, most of which are bad, and say they don't have games but with no new Rayman games from ubisoft and no decent racing game from any other devs or publishers, when it comes to platformer and racing genre they have one of the best games this gen with ori, cuphead, Forza horizon. And with ori 2 they are only going to reach even higher.

TheOptimist129d ago

Loved the first one..... The second one looks like it's gonna take what made Blind Forest great and turn it up way past 11