The Culling 2 launches, 18 hours later has 2 players

The Culling 2 was teased only a week ago, with the first gameplay trailer hitting July 9th announcing the game’s release date of July 10th – a quick turnaround. The game peaked at 249 players shortly after launching on Steam. 18 hours later, the game has 2 players.

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ChristiaSF130d ago

Lol this is the first time in my life to see a newly released game that has only 2 players without even passing the 24 hours mark.

coolbeans129d ago

It's one of the strangest marketing campaigns of this generation.

-Basically dropping any future updates & support for The Culling (1) the week it had a great sale on Xbox Store (probably PSN too but don't remember it for that week)
-talk about their up-and-coming project in the works, and ...
-a trailer for The Culling 2 drops the day before or of its release.

Just awful on their part.

porkChop130d ago

Started with 249 players and only 2 are left. Who knew the game would be fighting a BR in real life.

shuvam09129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Who knew that pork chop be roasting instead of being roasted...
Dayum son...

igorgum129d ago

That's what they get for not focusing on what made the first one original, focus on fun melee combat and simplicity.
They just wanted to go with crowd and now are reaping what they sowed.

Cmv38129d ago

This may mean we are approaching that over saturation mark in the genre. Going to have to produce quality and not just attempt to sell based on being a battle royal game.

andibandit128d ago

Cant wait for Farming Simulator BR

Christopher128d ago

Can you reap what you harvest?

Kokyu129d ago

Told people this wasnt good

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The story is too old to be commented.