What Nintendo Needs to do to Sell 20 Million Switches

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "During their recent Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, outgoing Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima elaborated on the company’s plan to sell 20 million Nintendo Switch systems by the end of fiscal 2018 (March 31st) specifically saying “we are putting all of our efforts into doing just that” and while I don’t doubt that Nintendo will do all in its power to reach this target, the ’20 million’ mark is something that only a few systems have managed to do in the history of gaming."

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PhoenixUp132d ago

“Since last month’s E3 showcase we have had a good idea of what the biggest games of the year will be for the Switch with standouts being Super Mario Party in October Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee in November and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

Super Mario Party a big release? Lmao I’m sure it’ll do well for people who already have the system like every Mario Party title before it, but when has Mario Party ever proven to be a system seller?

michellelynn0976132d ago

Never say never. It is very popular and it may drawn in some casuals. But, the real system sellers will be SSB and Pokemon.

PhoenixUp132d ago

Casual gamers would buy a Switch for Mario Kart, not Mario Tennis or Mario Party. The latter two spinoff series have always proven to be complementary games that appeal to preexisting owners whereas Mario Kart is the one Mario spinoff series that always catapults hardware sales.

Aceman18131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Love ninty but they make a sh*t ton of games I couldn't give two sh*t about

Mario party
Mario tennis
Mario kart

I guess for me ninty system are just my main Mario, zelda, xenoblade, fire Emblem adapter. Metroid I have a take it or leave attitude with loved MP1, but just couldn't get into the others I don't know why that is lol.

badz149131d ago

Looks like they are quite behind their sales projection. the 20mil target is a big one but they lack the software support to make that happen this year. there's barely any high profile release on the system so far this year. huge AAA 3rd parties are skipping the Switch left and right and Nintendo has to rely on their own IPs from now on. THAT didn't work out too well for the Wii U but we shall see. Smash will undeniably sell well but it's up against big name IPs releasing around the same time like RDR2, CoD and Battlefield - ALL unavailable on the System!

Nintendo fanboys like to be hopeful and delusional but no 3rd party games are gonna ignite the chart on the Switch and the publishers are watching very closely. they like to mention Bayonetta, Skyrim, and Doom running on the system everytime there's news about a new game skipping the Switch or if they get bad ports but conveniently forget to mention the fact that NONE of those games are selling gangbusters to even warrant the extra effort from the devs to water down and optimize the hell out of their game to compensate for the weak hardware just so their game can perform only half as good as the other systems. Wolfenstein II will be the same scenario.

for perspective, the PS4 sold just over 20mil units last year but numbers for this year is a bit down albeit already predicted by Sony themselves. even then, the PS4 is still the best selling console YTD worldwide. So, the odds that the Switch achieving 20mil sales this year is pretty low already IMO.

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Relientk77132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

Keep bringing exclusives: Smash, Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Octopath, etc.

meatnormous131d ago

Octopath is going to be the system seller for me. Waiting on reviews

FallenAngel1984132d ago

“In the entire history of video games only three home consoles have managed to sell 20 million consoles in one year. Those being the PlayStation 2, Wii (which did it twice) and most recently the PlayStation 4, all of which went down in history (or are making history) as some of the most popular consoles of all time. And while the Switch’s first year was definitely an extremely impressive one (they sold roughly 14 million consoles) there’s still a lot of questions that need to be answered if it’s to be joining that exclusive list. Looking back at those systems the PS2 hit that mark when it became clear that it was going to be home to practically every major title in the industry as well as giving owners access to a low-cost DVD player. The Wii set the world on fire thanks to its innovative motion-controls and casual appeal and the PlayStation 4 just screams quality and has become that standard by which the rest of the console market is measured. So how does the Switch get there too?”

I guess Switch would get there by continuing to provide hybrid style gaming.

Although I wouldn’t say Labo will help increase harder sales and I definitely wouldn’t say Super Mario Party is “one of the best games they could be releasing.”

alex101594131d ago

Keep them exclusives coming and get a proper online infrastructure. We need a proper messaging system, party chat, invitational system, Stars (trophy system), and internet browser.

DJK1NG_Gaming131d ago

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
everything else it just icing on the cake.

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