Why do terrible N64 games live in infamy?

Games Asylum: "Question is, then, what’s so special about the N64’s worst games? It’s almost as if they’ve been granted special status within the halls of video gaming. If you care to indulge, we have a few theories about why the likes of Superman 64 have remained in our collective minds instead of fading into obscurity."

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FallenAngel198472d ago

Bubsy 3D is just as infamous as any of these titles

FloydianAndroid71d ago

I’m not a big fan of the n64 graphically. I prefer the snes in every way.

TFJWM71d ago

umm graphics by far are better on n64...It is like saying I like the graphics of ps1 over ps2

NonShinyGoose71d ago

The N64's graphics have aged badly. Like, really badly. Developers were chasing 'photorealism' at a time when it simply wasn't possible. The textures are known for being horribly fuzzy too.

2D visuals are often more abstract or artistic, so they don't age as badly. Particularly on the 16-bit systems.

FloydianAndroid71d ago

Actually it’s not like the difference between ps1 and ps2 at all. If you go
Back and look at games from snes and n64, the snes games hold up a lot better especially in art style. There were some nice looking games on n64 but most looked really rough.

P_Bomb71d ago

I agree with Floyd and Goose.

strayanalog71d ago

Not just the N64, but that entire era houses mistakes; every generation does. The 5th Gen is the benchmark of what we primarily game on, and like an old yearbook we tend to look back to shake our head at our mistakes, choices, or revel in it.