Cristiano Ronaldo signs with Juventus, EA Sports s**** a brick

Christiano Ronaldo — has left Spain’s Real Madrid after nine years to join the Italian club team, Juventus. While this is great news for all fans of fútbol, for EA Sports, the sporting development division of Electronic Arts, this is bad news.

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AngainorG7X10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

😂 😂 😂 😂

BiggerBoss10d ago

This is pretty funny, but who really cares about soccer games?

Razzer10d ago

Millions and millions of fans outside of the US.

blitz062310d ago

Meh, NBA 2K18 also had Kyrie on the cover before he left for Boston

Razmiran10d ago

I dont, but in my country nearly everyone plays, even non gaming people

deafdani10d ago

A lot of people buy their consoles solely to play soccer games.

Millions of them.

We, the dedicated gamers that play a lot of stuff, are actually the minority, dude. 95% of gamers out there are casuals, not as invested in gaming anywhere close as us.

Don't disregard casual gamers. They are a big reason why gaming is profitable overall.

big_dom_strikes_back10d ago

"who cares about soccer games?"

is this a fucking joke? Only an American can have such a blinkered and ill educated view on the sport and its popularity. Who cares about football games? I'll tell you who: about two thirds of planet Earth. That's who.

Rimeskeem10d ago

Europe, literally all of Europe.

falcon10d ago

You do live in a bubble, don´t you?

wenaldy10d ago

Definitely not handegg fans.

Legendary_Soldier10d ago

Everyone outside of the US and of course millions in the US, Football is the world's first sport and also the most watched sport with over 3 billion views for the world cup!

I just do not wanna say this but I have to say your question is really stupid!

WilliamSheridan10d ago

@BiggerBoss FIFA literally outsells every other sport game out there...

S2Killinit10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Who cares about Futbol? Lol lets see... almost everyone?

Also, its a sad day today. I skipped work...

BiggerBoss10d ago

Damn, okay I get it. All of you care a lot 😂

XbladeTeddy10d ago

Just look at the World Cup to see the passion. Especially see the reaction if England make it to the final which they will because it's coming home!

nix10d ago

I'm surprised you asked this question considering it's world cup season. The entire freaking world is tuned to it.

It has reached 3.2 billions of viewership. That's nearly half of the world population. 2014 finals alone was watched by 1 billion people.

TheSaint10d ago

Literally the biggest sport on the entire planet, so it would seem that it's your sad opinion that's the one to be mocked.

zerocarnage10d ago

millions care about football games.

Anyone who calls it soccer, really does have the game wrong, especially when you put football in American football where 90% of the game is played with the ball in your hands..

Makes sense rite??

UltraNova10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Fifa and Pro Evo Soccer sell upwards of 50 million copies combined each year. Everyone and I mean everyone is into soccer. Some Americans need to realize that that bubble they live in is not the entire planet


3.2. billion views about 10-15 more viewers than xbox's E3 2018 viewer count, approximately... allegedly... probably? /S

*Just busting some chops guys, chill :-)

notachance10d ago

whoa whoa whoa whoa


mandingo9d ago

As well as inside of the US

nowitzki20049d ago

LMAO Are you kidding? I hope so, because Fifa and PES are HUGE.

Tobse9d ago

Dunno its just one if the best selling games every year

Aenea9d ago

More people care about football games than that ridiculous handegg game...

Herbiwhore9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

@Xbladeteddy: "if England make it to the final which they will because it's coming home! "
England will definately win. Gareth Southgate made sure they came well prepared

neon959d ago

i care !!
now take back your filthy comment plz

TKCMuzzer9d ago

I imagine Judging by sales, more than those who care about baseball or american football or any other sports game.

S2Killinit9d ago

Ok ok ok, guys, he said he got the point... lol

AirJohnston9d ago

Maybe go outside every once in a while

HaveAsandwich9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

an astronomical amount of humans, actually.

Bebedora9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

What is soccer for a game? Is that a new fad thing from the USofA?

Mroc139d ago

Soccer is the biggest sport in the world!

bouzebbal9d ago

Just wished Buffon didn't leave..

Sirk7x9d ago

FIFA is one of the largest video game IPs in the world. Soccer is the most popular sport there is.

joshljr8d ago

Who cares about the a game of the biggest sport in the world?

Nobody... 😒

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joab77710d ago (Edited 10d ago )

We don’t have to imagine this. Brett Favre did this when he went to the Jets at the last second when Green Bay wouldn’t let him back in the door.

In this case, Favre intended on going back. I think it’s odd that Ronaldo had a deal with EA and never let them know this might b a possibility.

Oh and all EA did was release an alternate cover you could print out. It’s still in my cover. So , I don’t quite buy EA is shitting a brick.

UnHoly_One9d ago

It's more than just the cover art, though.

It sounds like working alongside him is a major part of the career mode.

Ninver10d ago

Middle finger to ea but a nice surprise for juve fans

nowitzki20049d ago

They deserved him after giving him that standing ovation for the Bicycle kick against them. Dont see that often and shows how great Juve fans are.

Avernus9d ago

Juve fan since 1997, I was at home standing and clapping. I felt gutted about losing the game so badly, but how can you not appreciate that skill. Like him or not (personally don't like him too much lol), the man's a legend, and among the best to ever play the game.

I'm happy to see that Ronaldo appreciated the love he got from the fans at the stadium.

LuvBurger10d ago

As a 4th generation Juventino (With my son being the 5th generation), I can honestly say, without hesitation, that any issues EA are having are absolutely none of my concern.

Forza Juve!!!!!

Der_Kommandant9d ago

Forza la Juve la Juve Ale E bianconera la bella signora.

rainslacker9d ago

I have no idea who any of these people are, nor care about Soccer (Really only like Hockey).

But I will say it's good you have your priorities in order.:)

RespectedDesperado10d ago

This happened before with Brett Farve.