Is Mobile Gaming The Future?

Naomi from NoobFeed writes - With smartphone technology proving that anything is capable on your handheld device, could mobile gaming be the future?

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Garethvk153d ago

I do not think it will be as PC and dedicated consoles will always have more power and options. Look at the Switch. DOOM, Wolfenstein 2 had to be throttled down to work. Several others cannot or will not even try. As long as there are more powerful options, mobile will never be the main platform for gamers.

FlyingFoxy153d ago

The problem with some third party games and Wolfenstein/Doom looking a bit blurry, is because it wasn't made for the Switch, plus the hardware requirements. First party stuff doesn't have that problem really and looks fairly sharp for the most part. If there's a Switch 2 maybe they will have added docked power to run third party games better.

TGG_overlord152d ago

I use both, but for different reasons. I mean, my PC is still my main source for Gaming.