Sony Shows the Fans' Reactions to its E3 Reveals during PlayStation E3 Experience 2018

Sony Interactive Entertainment released its traditional video showcasing the reactions of the fans at PlayStation E3 Experience 2018.

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hench07154d ago

Well at least someone enjoyed it

BiggerBoss154d ago

Lots of people enjoyed it...

The presentation format was kinda whack, but the stuff that really matters (games) were 100% on point.

King_Lothric154d ago

But the presentation format is the most important thing in a gaming conference. Games are last.


shinrock154d ago

Those were cherry picked.

Ron_Danger154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

Struck a nerve, did it?
Sure is a shame when your console of choice's main competitor has world wide appeal.

Based on your comment history and article submission history, you're in the wrong place.

subtenko153d ago

wtf, the guy is just pointing something out.....and IT IS true. Sony, and EVERY company does this. They dont just include anything. Some girl could have flash the camera, you think they would put that on YouTube? Cherry picked, who cares, but it was....

Rude-ro154d ago

Better than a bunch of gaming media sites that got paid to love absolutely nothing new at all.

Eonjay154d ago

I love the fact that PlayStation fans can represent themselves while Microsoft uses over the top love letters from so called journalists.

doggo84154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

What's your cover up story for Sony winning the most awards at E3?

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KickSpinFilter154d ago

Where's the reactions of the dead space between the game showings want to see the reaction to the flute and roundtable session.

Best way to explain the two main conferences was like this...

It's kinda like a movie theater...
MS had soda/popcorn/candy/beer/hard liqueur/TV's with previews running in the lobby...
Sony gave ya popcorn, soda and the actual movies

zombiewombie154d ago

No bodies going to be cheering like crazy when theres a performance. Cmon dude.

KickSpinFilter154d ago (Edited 154d ago )

heh, heh
But actually they did with the GOW last year, or at least in the Movie-T I was in.

lollord154d ago

Just never have that format ever again.

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The story is too old to be commented.