Turtle Beach Releases Battle Royale Ready Stealth 300

Loved seeing it at E3 and so far, it has been great under review but the Stealth 300 Headset from Turtle Beach has been released. The new headset line is geared to Battle Royale gamers as well as those looking for a great audio experience with a budget friendly price.

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Eonjay37d ago

The hell does Battle Royale ready mean?

Garethvk37d ago

It means that it is ideal for extended play and does not get as hard to wear as some headsets do over a longer time. It also has great chat audio and sound.

Eonjay37d ago

Right... but when I hear that it makes me thing, oh these are gaming ready. Battle Royale ready sounds redundant.

TwistedV37d ago

BR ready?? Companys pushing nonsense like this should not be supported.

Garethvk37d ago

It is what in legal terms is called "Puffery" Like saying this is the "best tasting", "meatiest", and "improved". Yes it works well for Battle Royale games as well as other types. They told us at E3 it was designed as a tweak on earlier models for gamers who wanted to have better voice chat and comfort over long sessions.

cannon880037d ago

I have nothing against people that like playing these games, but come on. That's just silly. High quality/affordable headsets have existed for a long time and these are no different. They are just trying to make easy money since these games are really popular right now.

Garethvk37d ago

I have actually used it and saw them at E3 before use. The ear cups are more comfy and the mic is very good as they said it was designed with PUBG and Fortnite in mind based on what gamers said they wanted. Cheaper, good sound, great mic, and comfy to wear over a long session.