Fortnite Is Better Than Overwatch At Telling An Evolving Story

Cracks in the sky. Rifts on the ground. Fake burger-restaurant mascots in real deserts. All eyes are on Fortnite’s map right now, and with good reason: It’s the main character of a story that could go just about anywhere.

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InKnight7s127d ago

What story? Pathetic how streamers lovers like to hype things.

plmkoh127d ago

Most Gamers can't tell the difference between backstory and story.

Aeery125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Kotaku is amazing.
It's really incredible how much trash they are able to bring out.
This is not the most stupid article from them, but yeah, it's a good contender.

(maybe ... maybe it's a satire piece ... maybe)

antz1104127d ago

It you say so. I think it does a great job at segwaying from one season to the next. The events chang ing the map topography is a great move. The comet last season was pretty ominous and now the rocket and the rift are doing a good job ramping up interest in next season.

Aceman18127d ago

Surprisingly neither of these two games ever caught my interest to spend any amount of money of them.

AspiringProGenji127d ago

Overwatch was at its best prior season 4. You might have loved it then. After that it’s been a mess. You are not missing anything

bigmalky127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

It's a free for all shooter. While popular, it doesn't have an engaging story, if any.

FITgamer127d ago

I wouldn't call it a story, but does keep the game interesting.

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