Yoshida Calls PS3 Price Reveal 'Horrifying Moment,' Wishes They Had More Succss With MP Games

Shuhei Yoshida is the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios. He was recently at Develop: Brighton where he talked about his work at PlayStation and shared views on the current gaming generation.

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Kokyu161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

There are plenty of devs doing tired ass MP games Yoshida-sama just stick to what you do best.

UCForce160d ago

Oh, Sony will continue support SP games and they good at it. And MP, I just hope they don’t tackle on it too much.

Obscure_Observer160d ago


There´s a LOT of PS4 owners who craves for a good first party MP experience on Playstation. H1Z1: Battle Royale 10 million players confirmed it. ;)

Frinker160d ago

So you want Sony to fail?

UCForce160d ago

@Frinker it’s not like that. I prefer Sony keep making AAA Single players game which they good at. I always prefer SP than MP.

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alb1899160d ago

You should tell the same to MS about SP, but nope!!

VenomUK160d ago

Sony's great strength is these phenomenal single player narrative game experiences. But considering their many studios there is something missing - a first party multiplayer game. Multiplayer shouldn't be forced into single player games, however a platform can really benefit from a multiplayer title. They increase player gaming times and console loyalty. Microsoft have been trying hard to do it with MP Xbox titles because they see the value but it hasn't worked out for them yet. Perhaps Halo Infinite will be that game. But I'm happy to hear Yoshida say this because hopefully it indicates something they are working on. I wouldn't be adverse to a Resistance reboot or an entirely new franchise.

lxeasy160d ago

stick to single player you guys are really good with that. 3rd party has mp games

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Rimeskeem161d ago (Edited 161d ago )

TLOU MP was amazing imo. Same with the Uncharted 2 MP. MAG was a solid title as well and so was Warhawk. Shadow Fall has a super underrated MP imo.

solideagle160d ago

Except for warhawk I think all the titles you mentioned are bought for SP not for MP.

I think Yoshida sama is referring to Fortnight/H1Z1 or COD or maybe MMO?

Aeery160d ago

Wow, finally someone who mention the MP in Shadowfall !
Loved all Killzone MP (one of my fav MP ever) and I agree, Shadow Fall was really underrated.

Rimeskeem160d ago

I gotta say that I really want GG to make a MP based KZ. Sell it for half price and boom. If they market it right it should be a huge seller and could be eSports for sure. Yoshida, if you see this please at least attempt!

SegaGamer160d ago

Am i the only one that didn't have a problem with the original price of the PS5? I understood that it was a lot of money, but Blu-Ray was new tech at the time and it being included into the PS3 was obviously going to drive up the price significantly.

It's like people looked at the price and just got angry without trying to understand why. You were getting a next gen games console and Blu-Ray player in one, it wasn't realistic to expect them to sell it for a cheaper price at the time.

Eonjay160d ago

No. The truth is that the PS3 started at 499. Just like the high end 360 and both versions of Xbox One. However, it is hard to get journalist to quote the actual price range and not the high end because it creates a better narrative for clickbait. Dishonesty = money on the internet.

edeprez160d ago

That's not even mentioning the built in wifi, and internal HDD, and it had built in HDMI and optical out.
The PS3 was expensive though, but it was a hell of a machine for it's time.

Imalwaysright160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Dishonesty is also great for fanboy agenda isn't it? Comparing the price of the "high end" 360 to the "low end" PS3 is hilariously dishonest. Why not compare the price of the "high end" 360 to the "high end" PS3? You know the one that cost €600 at launch?

It's also dishonest to not mention that the Xbox one came with the Kinect reason why it cost €500 at launch but by all means carry on with the hypocrite fanboy agenda.

jeremyj2913160d ago

Not sure why TF my comment was removed but I agree with edeprez. At the time PS3 was offering a lot of tech in that box.

TekoIie160d ago


"It's like people looked at the price and just got angry without trying to understand why. You were getting a next gen games console and Blu-Ray player in one, it wasn't realistic to expect them to sell it for a cheaper price at the time."

Except that at the time you were going to pay more for a system that had worse versions of 360 games and also didn't have the exclusive power at the time.

Not only that but the economy wasn't good either, and Sony's response to people's concern's only drove people to the cheaper systems.


Largely because Sony had the SKUpidity to create so many models that it confused the average consumer.

TekoIie160d ago (Edited 160d ago )


"There were only 2."

No there was 5 initially.

Eonjay160d ago

Okay let me help you out here. When the PS3 LAUNCHED it released with a 20GB SKU for 499 and a 60GB SKU for 599. The 5 models you are referring to are versions of the fat PS3, not the number of launch SKUs.
Its hard enough to sort through incorrect info without having trouble understanding the context of accurate information amirite lol.

Geomasonic160d ago

"to pay more for a system that had worse versions of 360 games"
worst versions? you mean like Xbox 360 players used to swap DVDs in GTAIV?

rainslacker160d ago

People's response to Sony addressing people's concerns was because the media greatly took out of context what was said. Even to this day, people.say that Sony said something they didnt.

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KwietStorm160d ago

Nobody "tries to understand" why a device costs a high price. It's just whether or not they can afford it and if there is an alternative on the market. Price and value are 2 entirely different things. Most people gaming or most people who were coming from a PS2 (half the human race) just wanted the next PlayStation. The Blu-Ray player and whatever other extras wasn't relevant. So it shouldn't be a surprise why the price was a turn off to some.

Muzikguy160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

I didn’t have a problem with the price either. I just “worked more to afford it” or whatever the quote was that got everyone in an uproar. It also had the extra ports and was BC so that was nice. Honestly, I’d pay that again if the system was a “high end” model.

When that system took a crap I should’ve tried to save it

KickSpinFilter160d ago


WelkinCole160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

No. Honestly it was the best piece of electronic I bought for 600 USD. I still actually prefer my PS3 over my PS4 even.

The piano finish was amazing. I remember opening it up for the first time. Hooking it up and play Resistance SP which was such a huge leap in graphics from the PS2 then I would never forget playing online 60 pl and for free!!.

Then I hook on my Panasonic Plasma and watched Blu ray for the first time. Wow.

Soon Motorstorm dropped after I finished folklore. Then Warhawak!!, Then GOW2 on BC, Then Heavenly Sword, The Uncharted and the hits never stopped until TLOU.

PS3 console and its games were some of the best ever PS gen for me even better than the PS4 to be honest. Only PS2 remains at the top for me.

Muzikguy160d ago

I get why you feel that way but I think that the PS4 gen has been the best since PS1. I’ve had so many games to play this gen and so many yet to buy, then horror games have been making a comeback so I’ve been loving this gen so much 😁

WelkinCole160d ago

@Muzikguy yeah the PS4 is excellent as well but really if you think about it last gen there were so many great new IP's. Resistance, Uncharted, Warhawk, MotorStorm, Folklore, Heavenly Sword, Infamous, MAG, Heavy Rain, Valkaria Chronicles, Mod Nation Racers, Demon Souls and of course TLOU.

Compare to PS4 gen whole the volume of games have increased and especially JRPG's!!. Compare to the PS3 there have not been that many new IP's but yeah PS4 gen still rocks

rainslacker160d ago

I didnt have a problem with it. Base model was 500, and everyone that uses it as an example of Sony's arrogance never mention that, or that ms had a 500 option as well, or youd spend more than that to get the same from the earlier Xboxes. They also never mention how Sony was losing a couple hundred dollars on every system sold.

The arrogance was only in assuming devs would jump on board with cell, and assuming that because of the success of the prior two gens, they wouldn't have to worry about competition.

Muzikguy160d ago

The price argument for them being arrogant is pretty crazy IMO. the system itself was well worth it. As for the Cell, I don’t believe that was an arrogant part for Sony because it was made to be “future proof”. The Cell did its job too when devs actually utilized it. I really don’t feel like it’s asking too much for a developer to work with a system and make something great become of it. It was just something they weren’t used to. Fast forward to today and it’s nice to see no bridges were burned

jeremyj2913160d ago

And every single PS3 model came with a built in HDD. That was new for consoles at the time.

ImGumbyDammit160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

No, it wasn't new for consoles. The first Xbox had a built-in HDD five years early (2001)

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Deep-throat160d ago

But they had some good MP games. Demon's Souls PVP was innovative. I also liked Uncharted 2/3 MP, TLOU MP mode, and Resistance 2 MP.

Eonjay160d ago

You are responding to an altered quote not Shu's actual quote. Welcome to the internet.

BiggerBoss160d ago

Demon's Souls was the shit.

I hope that someday we'll see a sequel, Dark Souls doesn't count.

Majin-vegeta160d ago

*Slaps Demon souls case*This is the daddy of Souls series.

edeprez160d ago

Even if they would just straight port Demon's Souls to the PS4, I would be incredibly happy. Any extras or enhancements would be appreciated though. A sequel would be incredible, I'll keep hoping for that and Bloodborne II.

Frinker160d ago

Too bad they ruined UC MP with the 4th game

UCForce160d ago (Edited 160d ago )

Not even close. The worst MP have to be Uncharted 3 MP because the freaking sprint, one hit kill behind the back and everyone start with a freaking RPG. I know Uncharted 4 MP isn’t perfect but at least it much better than UC3 MP in my opinion.