Final Fantasy XV Update Version 1.25 Is Out Now; Here's What It Does

Square Enix has released a brand new update for Final Fantasy XV. This update patches the game to version 1.25 and it is mostly a small update.

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FallenAngel198442d ago

“Final Fantasy XV will get another new Season Pass with 4 story DLC in 2019.”

Wait the future DLC won’t be covered under the current season pass?

DarkLordMalik42d ago

What current season pass? It was already completed with 3 story episodes and a multiplayer DLC.

The new season pass will cover 4 brand new story episodes out in 2019. It hasn't been released yet so no info for pricing.

SoulMikeY42d ago

Does it say lifetime pass? Or is it “season pass”?

Harkins172142d ago

This has been known since August 2017.

Nick_Shively42d ago

I honestly liked FFXV, but I don't like all of this DLC that goes back and tells stories that should have just been in the game in the first place. The background knowledge is nice, but it would have made the characters more relatable if I learned it while I was actually playing the game and not a year or two later.

InKnight7s42d ago

Just visit reddit or look up some of hot new about FFXV here, look how patheticly fans defend and treat season passes and DLCs as something normal and its a must paying content, because they call it "asked new content" and XV is just Noctis game and its rational to pay more to see the whole story. Its so irretating how stupid xonsumers become and fanboys ruining the industry by supporting all this BS. I miss the days when we get an FF with 40+ hours pure detailed stories for every characters without ten years gap and plot holes, with a lot of contents and extras.

paintedgamer198442d ago

Thats why if a game isnt a 100% must buy for me, i wait until the goty version... and then i wait another 3-6 months 😂. Prices are usually between 20-35$ by then. A big reason why i dont want physical to die.

InKnight7s42d ago

This is the only advantagr of physical releases including collectors edition.

Rippcity42d ago

What does waiting for goty versions have to do with it being physical? I've been all digital for a while now and I still do this.

Jarrodlamp198042d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I like digital because the money goes right to sony, MS ,Nintendo & the company's that make game. I will NOT buy from 3rd party AKA gamestop.

blackblades42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Haven't played it yet was waiting for literal 100% completed game. If the dlc is like that then I agree. I can also say it still nice that they still supporting the game though even if its like that. Instead of throwing it away to rush ahead to work on the next game for the next year.

TardcoreGamer42d ago

would you recommend I play the DLC's first?

Nick_Shively41d ago

I would play them as they become available in the main story.

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rivaldoo77742d ago ShowReplies(1)
ShockUltraslash42d ago

Awesome game.
Best RPG on the PS4 imo.
So glad that it gets more content.

MADGameR42d ago

Nope, FFVII Remake WILL be the best JRPG on the PS4 hands down NO comp.

Razmiran42d ago

Or maybe he/se ends up liking XV more and thats fine because he said "IMO"

nyckrazy42d ago

thats a ps5 title now. that "ps4" remake got scrapped.

Teflon0242d ago

I loved ffxv personally, but absolutely no way its better than persona 5

warriorcase42d ago

This. Persona 5 was amazing

paradigmfellow42d ago

I hate the night cycles of the game.

lipton10142d ago

I just couldn’t get into it. I liked the dark ending sequence despite being dismayed that it was less than an hour long.

XV could have been so much more

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FernDiggidy42d ago

I know I'm in the minority of N4G but I thoroughly enjoyed FFXV's gameplay. Specifically the combat. It was FUN AF to me.

Prince_TFK42d ago

The combat is awesome. But the story is not. It is confusing and sometimes a mess. And don’t get me started on the god awful side quests.

FernDiggidy42d ago

The story sucked. But again I'm speaking about the gameplay

gangsta_red42d ago

I certainly wasn't mad at the gameplay but I found a lot of the decisions they made with the combat (like the one button fights) was due to how bad the camera was.

All in all I did enjoy the game and I really love the trials afterwards.

Good to see Square still supporting the game with content.

Razmiran42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

I honestly appreciated for what it was, a flawed but still pretty good rpg
Which is amazing considering all the production problems

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