EA Games executive Blake Jorgensen just sold $1.5 Million of EA Stock

According to SEC filings made Friday, July 6, 2018 which were sent to Investors today on July 9, 2018 Blake Jorgensen (COO & CFO at EA Games) sold $1,503,967 worth of stock market holdings in EA.

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annoyedgamer73d ago

Probably in anticipation of the release of Battle Royale.cough..I mean Battlefield V.

Eonjay72d ago

I wonder if it could have anything to do with potential tarriafs coming down the pipeline from the US against American game makers or something like that. This could hit the new FIFA really hard.

DEEBO73d ago

He getting paid before it drops.
They keep saying that market is going to crash soon but it's been going strong for 9 years.
It's at 143 per share, that's higher then MS and Sony.
Plus with the trade wars making the market go up and down i would pull my money out too before that million turns to half a million.

Parasyte72d ago

Could be in anticipation of a potential buyout. If so, this is insider trading which is illegal.

Goldby72d ago

or that he knows anthem will flop and is saving himself

jaycptza72d ago

Or needed to be liquid for another investment.

JokerBoy42272d ago

Im betting it has to do with Fifa 19 and the losses of Mass Effect and Battlefront. EA is shitting bricks right now!

Razzer72d ago

Pretty sure that would be illegal. He can’t sell his stock based on inside information.

LightofDarkness71d ago

Seeing as that's all public info, it wouldn't be.

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