Will Adult Games Become More Immersive?

Full immersion is worth striving for in all video games. Does this include adult titles?

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Skull52138d ago

Do they need to be? I’m pretty sure there is a whole nother industry that covers this stuff...

choujij37d ago

@Skull: Only "pretty sure"? lol

Seriously though, yes there is. But the two industries will likely cross paths one day. Of course, the ESRB would have a field day.

343_Guilty_Spark36d ago

Not if you’re limited to white male protagonist

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Araragifeels 36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Jesus Christ! Stop involving your agenda and your issue in gaming and go to a political website instead, you snowflake.

raptor_aktual36d ago

You're a loser.

"A Person of Color"

Monolith36d ago

Not until Detroit becomes a reality.

Ninjamonkey8236d ago

Vr headset one hand for motion control other hand for immersion whats the problem :o