Studio Head Jade Raymond Sheds Light On Motive's New IP

Learn some new details about the secretive action-adventure game.

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rivaldoo777130d ago

Yeah please take serious note from TLOU2 gameplay and improve on your game with your color and not just copy and paste the predessesor.

Babadook7129d ago

Was hoping for a pic of Jade. :(

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AK91129d ago

I have complete faith in Jade Raymond but I have the exact opposite for EA, if this project isn't an MP GaaS game I think it'll get canned like ragtag

UltraNova129d ago

Faith...a concept that fades when money is in play and the fact that as long as EA foots the bill , they are calling the shots no matter the talent and creativity of a single manager.

Gwiz129d ago

"We're trying to reinvent action-adventure games for the future, an action-adventure game that lives on and the world is dynamic, living, and breathing," Raymond said.

That screamed LIVE SERVICE, "What does a dynamic one look like?" This points to the game having a live service element... yeah lol... why did she even leave Ubisoft?they seem to be doing the same thing with their games.