17 New Mega Man 9 DLC, Special Stage, and "Fake Man" Screenshots

PWN or DIE got a ton of new screenshots from Capcom today to go along with the newly announced DLC for Mega Man 9. Included are images of the DLC, the Special Stage, and the new boss "Fake Man"

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M3 Superhero3409d ago

... Now with DLC this game pwns.

N4g_null3408d ago

Oh yeah this is so hardcore!

N4g_null3408d ago

Sweet! Reminds me oh when the arcade would close and the owner would let you play games on super hard! I had $50 waiting for this game anyway should be fun!

Product3408d ago

actually i got the dl's yesterday and must say the expert mode is laughable lol.Its impossible...fakeman beat him this morning although hes stage has 5 or 6 mini bosses including the rock,plant,elephant,dragon bosses including a mini boss 3 stage airplane from the wily stage.
This game rocks more people honestly need to try this game...most say they have it but i doubt they have really played it.
Its sad that a game like this could provide so much fan service yet people only care about "pretending" to be into this game..........who really has beat this game on this site.......4? 5?
Most havent got through 2 bosses yet.

N4g_null3407d ago

Yeah your right most people have not beat it yet I'm at wiley's castle but it's do or die time right now at work LOL. The game is great fun though really. There are a lot of posers on this site and in gaming in general. There has always been those guys around that wanted to be good but just didn't practice. They eventually get good but these current gamers don't even try unless it is online play. The funny thing about that is most will quit a game online when getting dominated also.

It's always been fun seeking out the best and playing them. Then beating them. Hey really not many gamers do that now. O yeah I have to send you some shots from metroid prime also!

Product3407d ago

if you got the prime vouchers im game ive been waiting for a reason to replay that game again.Good call on the online many disconnect.