Why outsiders see us better than we can see ourselves

Similar to games like Detroit: Become Human and Far Cry 5, the upcoming PS4 exclusive Ghost of Tsushima is being made by outsiders, or game developers who aren't native to the setting they wish to recreate. So, how would Sucker Punch faithfully reconstruct the samurai world and accurately depict the 13th century Mongol invasion of Japan?

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FallenAngel1984156d ago

This was really unexpected of Sucker Punch

rivaldoo777155d ago

Yeah, this game is on my top 3 most anticipated game.

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Rimeskeem155d ago

A true samurai games by a talented studio with creative freedom. This is why I go play PlayStation

UCForce154d ago

Ghost of Tsushima was a big surprise for me and the game is my most anticipated game.

Surt154d ago

What in all SJW nonsense did I just bleeding read?! Sounds like it was written by the same soy boy that wrote that piece about not being able to do the exercises of 80yr old woman.

OB1Biker154d ago

Jesus haha
The article started well then it went so confusing.
The idea that outsiders can have sometimes a better perspective is fair enough but hes confusing everything and literally illustrates 'the medium is the message' quote in way he doesnt seem to grasp.