The Combination of Google and Valve Could Spark the Next Wave of Game Ads

Media: "As Google announces its AdSense for Games program, Datamonitor believes that the acquisition of a games platform developer such as Valve Software could result in significant revenue opportunity for the vendor.

Google's recent announcement of its AdSense for Games program has sparked renewed interest in the video games advert market and, to a degree, validated its very existence. The AdSense for Games program allows publishers to include advert technology specifically developed for games within their browser-based products. So far, publishers such as Konami have signed up to the beta version that is currently being run in the US. While Google has already made acquisitions in the area - such as Adscape Media in early 2007 - Datamonitor believes that the company is just scratching the surface of the market, and the potential for it to reach out to more gamers is largely untapped."

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