Warframe’s “Fortuna” expansion and dynamic “Codename: Railjack” update was unveiled at TENNOCON 2018

At TennoCon 2018, its third annual Warframe® convention, Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes unveiled today the follow-up to 2017’s epic update Plains of Eidolon with the sweeping open-world Venus expansion Fortuna, and doubled down with a dynamic new future update (Codename: Railjack) that launches players seamlessly into space for tactical ship-to-ship battles.

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TGG_overlord131d ago

I think it's a really good game that's worthy of a try for those who haven't tried it yet.

UCForce131d ago

Yup, this is way better than Destiny 2.

TGG_overlord131d ago

I haven't played all that much "Destiny 2", but I see more and more people that say that. So I take it that there's quite a lot of truth to it.

Nitrowolf2131d ago

It’s crazy how they have progressed so far, made major gameplay changes (soon space battles), yet a game backed by one of the biggest publishers made by one of the most popular studio are still stuck with essentially a game more worst than the previous, all while overhauling their engine and dumping player progression.

joab777130d ago

What’s crazy is that D2 basically ignored every step forward without d1 and it’s taken a yr for them to begin to implement proper progression. Warframe is brilliant isn’t heir progression system etc. And Bungie just neglects to add anything that ppl can work towards.

I play Lineage 2 on mobile (first mobile game but new promotion means I have no time to play anything anymore) and they do a great job of offering long term awards to always be working towards also.

This brings me to the Switch. And I may actually buy one if I can play Warframe in the go. Crazy!!!! Such a brilliant move by Nintendo. If they are smart they will talk to SE and Zenax about ESO and FF15. If it’s doable, any mmo type game would sell a GAZILLION units.

And last, this makes me wonder why Sony or MS don’t follow in Nintendo’s footsteps next gen. Releasing a mobile device that also offers Google Play would be a killer device. And Sony could offer Vue and Now also.

Thomaticus130d ago

Destiny has been 9.99. and I still can't bring myself to buy it. Destiny took 60 dollars of content and have spread it across 2 games, and at least 6 pieces of DLC.

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ZaWarudo131d ago

Warframe puts these shallow AAA multiplayer games to shame.

ChrisW131d ago

Wow... wrote another seemingly well written article! Sure, most of it seems like reiterated or paraphrased pieces, but it's also backed up with links and sources. Maybe, just maybe, they will strive to be like this or better!

UCForce131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

You know did posed the article about indie games on N4G. They are very supportive about Warframe.

TGG_overlord131d ago

I think your comments are aimed at the blue mate :S You have to reply at ChrisW. It's true what you said though.

TGG_overlord131d ago

Thanks ;) There wasn't all that many links and sources for this one I'm afraid though. So I added what I could, but I'll check again asap.

Asuka131d ago

very excited for this. game has come a long way since 2013. there are many "AAA" games today that do not offer the same amount of content let alone for free

TGG_overlord131d ago

That's very true, very few does that (and let's not forget that a lot of them suck us dry on DLC content that should have been there from the very start...).

Kokyu131d ago

Thats just it any other game from any other dev would have charged 40$ for the Fortuna update let alone railjack. Yet DE provides this all for free. So I have no problem spend 10-20$ a month on warframe and in special situations even more.

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