Has a game ever felt like it's become your job?

When you're doing your millionth daily quest, grinding for a particular item or just playing on autopilot, a game can suddenly go from being enjoyable to a weird obligation. It can feel a little bit like having a job, even when it's a game you otherwise love playing.

Here, PC Gamer share their experiences of that.

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Aceman1875d ago

Destiny 1 did for me, that's why I stopped playing it.

Fritz-o-Toole75d ago

I was determined to get the Hopscotch Pilgrim shotty (At least I think that was it) by grinding strikes. After ~100 strikes it still had not dropped and by that time I was on verge of puking. I was then I found out that I was burned out and still am. Destiny 2 did not do much for me at all.

RacerX75d ago

Elite Dangerous excels at this. There really aren't "quests", it's literally "your job".

thekhurg75d ago

The moment a game feels like a job (Destiny) - I quit. I already have a job - I play games for fun, not to be forced to spend countless hours doing meaningless tasks for the sake of "keeping up" while also having chunks of the game cut out and sold to me years later.

Hell, Destiny 2 has cut content from the first game in it. It's a joke.

Skull52175d ago

Not really a job but some games just feel like a chore. Bioshock 2 was unbelievably hard for me to complete, it felt like it just went on forever. Uncharted 4 has also become extremely boring halfway in.

TheRealHeisenberg75d ago

I did the same but it was almost 1000 hours of gameplay before I quit. I skipped D2 after the beta because it felt like more of the same in a stripped down sort of way.

iofhua74d ago

RacerX - Same for Elite Dangerous. I wanted so bad to do exploration, and got halfway to Sagittarius A before realizing how boring procedurally generated planets are, and how devoid of anything interesting Elite's galaxy is.

I'm hoping Star Citizen scratches that itch. It will be a lot smaller, but everything should be hand-crafted.

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Prettygoodgamer75d ago

World of Warcraft become a job for me when I started properly raiding then raid leading.

Doomeduk75d ago

Yeah "gotta go farm some herbs for raid pots" good times

Vegamyster75d ago

All those old MMO's felt like it, i put more time into early Runescape 2 then i like to admit lol.

rainslacker75d ago

No doubt. It was fun when you have a good raid group that shows up regularly, but after a while, you lose people through attrition, and replacing them gets tedious. Then you get to a point where all the dailies or faming is just busy work to have a reason to be online.

Omnisonne75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

Yeah I think every game can become a chore/job if you choose it to be. Especially games like MMOs really ramp up that time investment if you want to get the most out of the game. I've also seen friends slogging through games they got sick and tired of just to get all the trophies.
Personally I can hardly find the care and time to force myself to play something, used to be different years back though..

rainslacker75d ago

That's why I stopped playing WOW. It felt this way every day, and having the obligation to have to show up for raids being a raid leader and all, just got to be tedious. LIked the game and all, but I wasn't having fun anymore.

ZeroX987674d ago

For me too! When you're just grinding the same mission over and over but the "drop rate" is just crappy..... thats one reason why I hate MMOs in general. Not their gameplay, but the "gambling" you do to get those rare items. Skills isn't the issue, it's the amount of luck you have.

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capjacksparrow75d ago

Yup, I had all 8 crafting classes as well as the three gathering classes maxed with the best gear possible for each... That's not to mention the few combat classes I maxed out -_-

jukins74d ago

Heh if ffxiv felt like a job then ffxi would've felt like a career

InKnight7s74d ago

Interesting statement!! Is it harder? more grinding and farming?

chrisx75d ago

if this hasn't happened to you before, you've never really gamed.

Godmars29075d ago

But are you really gaming? That's usually when to stop, when the game is no longer entertaining but something you do just to do it.

andibandit74d ago

Yeah tell it like it is....them people aint OG(original gamer).


isarai75d ago

Oh yeah, once i notice it i usually stop playing that game. Unless im really close to a goal like beating the campaign or getting a platinum trophy. Arkham knight was certainly in that territory by the time i got the platinum

moomoo31975d ago

I wish arkham knight was better 😭 goddamn drones

ziggurcat75d ago

AC Unity was like that for me.