I'm an Introvert When It Comes to Online Games

Julia Hardy writes, "I would happily ask someone out on a date or pose a tricky question the likes of which, if phrased incorrectly, could get me fired or deemed a morally reprehensible scum-bucket by the internet hive mob. And yet, that doesn't bother me one bit. I love those spicy moments of life like that. I love chucking myself in at the deep end. Gear up, knee pads on with cricket bat in hand ready to smack the crap out of anything life throws at me. I am confident, assured and keen to get scuffed up and potentially covered in mud. Except apparently when it comes to playing video games with other people."

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Bahamut136d ago

Just something weird about hanging out with a bunch of dudes you don't know and can't even see. There's also always someone playing awful music, or someone sniffing or coughing too much, TV playing in the background, kids crying, mic feedback/echoing, etc. If I play online, I rarely use a mic and just mute everyone.

Skull521135d ago

I only play online with people I know.

Aceman18135d ago

I'd rather play coop online games with friends than with random ppl I don't know. Also after working all day, and speaking with annoying employees on the phone I don't want to deal with others not my friends.

ShottyatLaw135d ago

Then follow the author's advice and just try messaging a friend and start playing together. IRL connections are the easiest to way to get started on building a friend's list.

I feel like introverts like you think online gaming is all about playing with randoms. It's not. Just like it's been since the very beginning, gaming in 2018 can still be all about playing with friends.

bluefox755135d ago

I agree, that's exactly what I do when I do play play online, is with friends. With that being said though, despite my mediocre track record gaming with strangers, I have met a few great friends on MMOs, so it's not all bad.

Hardiman136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Yeah I do it every once in awhile and when I do it's with people I know. Tried going random and it was terrible! For the most part I'm a solo man and love it!

UCForce136d ago

I do play some games with my friend sometimes, but most of time I’m playing solo.

Bwremjoe136d ago

So happy to hear I'm not alone! :')

PhantomS42136d ago

I don't have an issue talking to people over online, I just don't because either A)everyone is in a party chat and there is no team communication or B) the 6-year-olds stopped playing fortnite and call of duty and are screaming at the top of their lungs, making threats, acting all big and bad while trash talking everyone in the game (generally while they are the worst players on the team). That's why I stopped caring for online multiplayer probably 8-10 years ago. I have to go to work and deal with morons for 8 hours, I don't want to go home and deal with them again and since nobody likes to play as a team anymore then I'd rather just stick with single player games for relaxation and occasionally friends have some time off while I'm on we will play together but that's about it.

shaun mcwayne136d ago

Agreed, I remember playing Destiny nightfall with 2 randoms a grown up like myself and a kid, we got to the end and died, the so call "grown up" went into an absolutely crazy rage with the kid, blaming him for our loss. I told him not to blame the kid. And that the kid was more mature, and a better player which is true, then I said I hope you dont have or will ever kids. As I feel sorry for them. I was so disgusted with this guys reaction I stopped chatting as much.

Good-Smurf136d ago

Well there's a reason why I'm putting everyone on mute.

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The story is too old to be commented.