Age of Conan's game director previews PvP consequences

In a new missive to the players on the official site, Age of Conan game director Craig Morrison has offered up a glimpse of new changes on the horizon. First and foremost comes more details on the anticipated PvP consequences system. Players who adversely impact others in their combat choices will find themselves soon affected, accruing 'murder points' and eventually being ostracized by polite Hyborian society.

The upcoming patch will also feature some extensive changes to tradeskilling. Alchemy will get the most attention, but additional armor sets and weapons will be coming to smiths of all sorts. Items will be separated into 'base', 'culture' and 'city' recipes, allowing smiths to have a great deal of variety in the types of items they craft as well. Morrison hints that new tibits about mounts, quest encounters, and GUI changes are also slated for the next AoC mega-patch.

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